The Bird Is In The Cage.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Robert visits Patrick, Sam dismisses John, and Edward passes on.

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John visits Sam at the penthouse. She does not believe Jason is dead and wants to go with the clues. He just wants her to be logical and suggests she go for a walk in the park with Danny. She gets upset. She doesn’t need him to stand in for Jason. He should concentrate on his own family and leave hers alone.

Starr is staying with Michael and asks if it is awkward that they have not done it yet. He wants to wait until they are ready. Meanwhile he wants a relationship with AJ but his parents are convinced AJ will use him. Starr tells him what he thinks is all that matters.

Monica and Tracy bicker as Tracy plans to redecorate the mansion. AJ walks in. Diane was able to convince the judge to give him another shot because of Tracy’s stunt. AJ and Tracy fight while a nurse comes in. Monica interrupts and tells Tracy that Edward is unresponsive and she should spend her final moments with him. She refuses to let AJ come with her but Monica encourages him to go anyway. Instead AJ calls Sam and Michael.

In Edward’s room Tracy tells him some good news to comfort him, including that she found her $18 million. Monica comforts Tracy as she grieves over Edward. Sam and Michael arrive with Danny and Tracy leaves. Michael tells Edward how much he admires him. Sam describes Danny and reveals that Danny really is Jason’s son. Edward reaches his hand out and Danny grabs his finger. Later, Sam apologizes to Monica for not telling her sooner. She wishes Jason was here to say goodbye. They leave and Monica is alone with Edward.

Tracy listens in as AJ and Starr talk downstairs. If he could see Edward AJ would apologize for his drinking, of being jealous of Jason and for being a coward. Now that he is determined to try and make things right Edward will never know. Tracy walks in and tells AJ to hurry and see Edward.

AJ arrives at Edwards’ room but he is too late. AJ cries over his body. Monica goes downstairs to tell everyone that Edward passed. He spoke one word clear as a bell before he died. Lila.

Robert visits Patrick at home and explains the story Luke told him to get off the bridge. He still can’t believe Robin is gone. Neither can Patrick. Robin was so proud of Robert, and so is Emma. She thinks being a spy is pretty cool. They hug and Robert leaves to deliver a present to Emma in person.

At Kelly’s Sonny needs Alexis’ help getting AJ away from Michael. Alexis can’t because Michael is an adult. Sonny refuses to let AJ derail Michael’s life. He can’t believe he and Connie can work the system to their advantage like this. Alexis leaves and Shawn encourages Sonny not to drive Michael away. He wishes he could help. Sonny asks if Shawn is bored running the diner and Shawn wonders what he had in mind.

Carly walks into Todd’s office and is shocked to see Connie. Connie tells her she is not only co-owner of the building, but Crimson as well. Todd arrives and agrees she will be there for now. Carly pulls Todd outside and tells him AJ made bail and is turning Michael against her. Connie eavesdrops as Carly talks about killing AJ, but Todd does not want her to go to jail. Connie falls out from behind the door. She wants their opinion on a leopard print thong but will just ask Johnny. Carly takes it and strangles her with it. Todd breaks it up and Connie takes off while Todd holds Carly back. Connie gets on the elevator and Shawn is inside. She wonders what he is grinning at.

Outside Kelly’s, John runs into Alexis. They are both worried about Sam. John knows he owes her money but his job in Llanview is gone. He needs to get one for the custody battle and Alexis hopes it is in Port Charles. Whether Sam knows it or not, she needs him. Inside Sonny gets a text from Shawn that the bird is in the cage.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

At the Quartermaine mausoleum Tracy asks, "How am I going to do this alone?"

Michael asks Sonny, "Would you have killed AJ to keep him away from me?"

Olivia freaks out inside Kelly’s.

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- Hollie Deese

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