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Friday, November 16th, 2012

AJ makes bail, Maxie tells Spin she loves him, and Robert questions Olivia about her vision.

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At the Haunted Star Robert tells Lulu he thinks Lavery is hiding something. She tells him about Olivia’s vision and he could believe it. He asks how accurate the visions are and believes it despite the LSD connection. He wants to call Olivia and get a description.

At the nurse’s station Sabrina gushes to Liz about Patrick. Liz tries to warn her but it is too late. Patrick is right behind her and heard everything – except who it is. He wants to help set her up with whoever it is and she grudgingly tells him it is Dr. Webber. She has cared for him since the first moment she saw him. She asks them both to just drop it. He apologizes and gets back to his patients. Later, Patrick tells Sabrina she will find someone who is crazy about her and loves her the ways she deserves.

At the hospital Olivia tells Steve about her hallucination. Lulu and Robert arrive and Robert asks Olivia to describe any detail that can uncover what Lavery is hiding. They go into another room and she tells him he was smoking a cigarillo. He looked like Hannibal Lector, but skinnier, with bushy eyebrows. Liz sketches a picture from Olivia’s description. Liz recognizes him and is shocked. She shows him the picture of Faison.

Without his mask on Faison prepares for his evening with Anna in his room. Anna arrives early and he stalls. After he is ready he lets her in and she tells him Robert is in town. Luke is in Turkey and has convinced Robert Duke has carefully constructed a lie. All they have done is convince her to move out. She goes to start cooking dinner and he hides his cigarillos. They sit for dinner and Fake Duke is glad they are together now. They toast to their future. They realize there is no reason they can’t be together and kiss.

At home Maxie tells Spin she is in love with him. She tried to tell him after the bachelor party, then again at the wedding but there was never a quiet moment. Plus, Ellie is so nice. But she got her divorce for Spin. She kept trying to tell him but he was always with Ellie. But she could tell that he knew that night that she wanted him back by the way he looked at her. She got upset when he was making out with Ellie so she left, but then called his cell phone and he didn’t answer. She realizes now he had sex with Ellie, but she still had to tell him how she felt.

Monica and Tracy argue about AJ’s return at the mansion when AJ walks in. He is on house arrest and wants to see Edward. Tracy refuses. She thinks he could have a heart attack and so AJ relents. Tracy leaves to check on him. AJ insists on knowing how Monica made the huge bail and she informs him she had to use the house as collateral. Tracy overhears and secretly tries to find Michael. She returns and tells Monica that Edward is pale so she goes to check on him. Alone with AJ the phone rings and Tracy tells him it was Sam. There is an emergency with Michael. He cuts off his ankle monitor and leaves while Tracy chuckles. Monica returns and asks where AJ is. Tracy kicks his ankle bracelet under the couch.

Michael visits Sam at the penthouse. He tells her AJ is alive and locked up. She approves. Sonny and Carly are far from perfect but it is nothing compared to what AJ has done. Michael does not want AJ to go to prison. In addition to the rape, it was awful. Sam reminds him not to forget the people who love him or who AJ is. Later Michael comments about how much Danny looks like Jason and Sam reveals that Jason is really his father. Michael tells Danny his dad came back when he was least expecting it, and so will his. Later AJ arrives and realizes Tracy set him up.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam tells Michael, "AJ is not welcome in this house."

Olivia asks, "Why would I look at Duke Lavery and see this Fasion guy?" Robert replies, "That is the million dollar question kids."

Lulu asks Dante, "Are you sure you want to do surrogacy."

Maxie pleads with Spin, "You just have to pick me!"

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