The Biological Card.

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Robert has news for Anna, Olivia sees something evil in Duke, and Dante accepts a loan from Sonny.

The Biological Card. image

Faison as "Duke" returns to his room in Port Charles and calls Anna. After the call he loads a gun. He can’t wait to take his place at her side.

In her hotel suite Anna’s call with fake Duke is interrupted when Robert walks in. She hangs up quickly and Robert asks if that was Duke. Luke called him collect from a Turkish prison. Duke’s story checks out but Luke is stuck there. Robert thinks Anna is too smart to take things at face value. Anna is happy to see him but demands he stay out of her life. Robert tells her she is sinking quick and he will pull her out whether she likes it or not. She leaves after telling him to pass on to Luke to not drop the soap.

At the Haunted Star Lulu lets Olivia know she ruined their chances by lying about her family on the application. Olivia is sure they will have a baby, she can see it. Lulu informs her it doesn’t matter anyway because it is too expensive. Olivia offers her the money but Lulu is not comfortable with that. She takes a call from Maxie while Olivia goes over her checkbook. She is a few zeroes short. Duke arrives but Olivia sees Faison and is shaken. He leaves and Lulu asks what she saw. Olivia saw someone creepy she did not recognize. Later, Robert comes to tell Lulu that Luke is in Turkey, but safe. But Robert agrees with Luke – Duke is hiding something. "Like his real face," Lulu says.

Back home Faision gives himself a pep talk to get through the night. He has a few hours before Anna comes. There is a knock at the door and he decides to answer without his mask.

From her apartment Maxie leaves Spin an urgent message. Ellie comes out of the bedroom and wonders what she needs Damien for. Suddenly Spin comes out of Ellie’s bedroom and everyone is uncomfortable. Spin runs off to get bagels and Ellie hops in the shower. Maxie calls Lulu and tells her Spin and Ellie had sex. She ends the call abruptly when Spin comes back. Suddenly Ellie gets called to the lab. Spin listens to Maxie’s message then asks her what the urgent matter is. She tells him it was him that she wanted.

At the gym Sonny is worried Diane will get AJ released. He wants to steal Michael and it is working. Dante tells Sonny about the surrogacy, but it is too expensive for them. Sonny wants to help his son and offers only money cleared 100 percent legitimately through the coffee business. Dante and Lulu have too much to offer to let money get in the way. Dante accepts it only as a loan he can pay back, if Lulu agrees. He thanks Sonny. He would do anything for his sons. Dante assures him he won’t lose any of them.

At GH, Liz notices Sabrina is down. She is still upset about Britt and Patrick. She doesn’t think he is ready to move on. Patrick suddenly appears and he has heard everything. He thinks they were talking about the Nurse’s Ball. It means so much to him that they want to do that. Patrick excuses himself to talk to Britt. Liz approaches Steve. She can’t believe AJ is alive. Wasn’t he the one to pronounce him dead? Later, Liz wants his help getting Quartermaine funding behind Tracy’s back but he won’t do it. Later, Olivia visits Steve with some food. She tells him about her run-in with Duke. When she looked at him he did not look like himself

Sabrina listens in as Patrick and Britt talk in one of the hospital rooms. Patrick tells Britt he is sorry to have led her on but he is not ready. He feels being with another woman would be disloyal to Robin. He doesn’t expect her to wait for him. She is willing to wait. Sabrina runs off as they exit and runs to tell Liz all about it. She goes on and on about Patrick who has come up behind her. Liz tried to warn her but it is too late.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

"Duke, its Anna," she calls from outside his room. Faison recoils

Olivia tells Steve, "This guy who isn’t Duke Lavery scared the daylights out of me."

Maxie tells Spin, "I want you back."

Patrick asks Sabrina, "Who is the lucky guy?"

Tracy tells Monica, "No judge is going to grant him bail." Aj walks up behind her. "Guess again Aunt Tracy,” he says."

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- Hollie Deese

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