Soul Destroying Disappointment.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Carly calls the cops on AJ, Sam and Anna talk about lost loves, and Lulu considers surrogacy.

Soul Destroying Disappointment. image

Carly walks in on AJ and Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. She demands to know why he isn’t dead and is pretty sure the cops will want an explanation. She starts dialing as Monica runs in. Michael begs her not to call the cops. Carly can’t believe it. AJ kidnapped him and took picture of him lying in a swamp to convince them he was dead! Michael just wants her to hold off for him so he can get some answers. She calls Dante anyway and tells him AJ is alive. Monica smacks her across the face and tells AJ to run but he won’t. He’ll go to prison as long as he gets to see Michael, even just once a week from behind bars.

At home, Dante thinks he and Lulu should use a surrogate. She is not thrilled with the idea of someone else carrying their child. They get to experience everything while she goes about her business he tells her she gets to do everything else. After Carly’s call he leaves and she assures him she will think about it. He thinks it might be the answer they are looking for. Alone, she does some research on surrogacy.

Dante arrives at the mansion to arrest AJ. Michael begs him not to but he arrests AJ anyway. Alone, Michael is mad at Carly. He wouldn’t wish prison on anyone, especially his father.

Sam visits Anna at work and demands to know what she is doing to find Jason. Anna informs her someone left hair at the scene and she is waiting for the results. They both think it could be Jerry but when the results come in they don’t match anything in their system. Sam is determined to find Jason on her own but Anna wants to talk with her about Robin. Heather told Anna she was alive and she followed it all the way to Switzerland. It wasn’t true and it felt like she lost her all over again. Sam is shocked Anna is saying this considering Duke just came back. They both have every reason to hold on to hope.

At the hospital Brit and Liz take care of a young patient with the flu. They discuss Patrick. Brit is impatient that he is not over Robin yet. Liz lets her know that Patrick was a total player before he got married and will eventually find her hard to resist. In fact, the first time Robin met Patrick he was having sex with a nurse. Liz would like to see Patrick happy and Brit seems to be his type. The sick girl calls Brit over and pukes on her.

Sabrina runs into Patrick getting dressed in the on-call room. Sabrina wants to bring back the Nurse’s Ball as a tribute to Robin. He is flattered. Suddenly Brit comes in and takes off her puke-covered shirt. Underneath she is just wearing a red bra and black panties. She tosses her scrubs to Sabrina to clean. Brit thinks the ball sounds depressing until Patrick expresses he interest in it. Sabrina leaves and Brit wonders if he has thought more about spending the night with her. Emma is with Mac and Felicia tonight and he agrees to come over.

In the Swiss clinic Robin realizes Duke is not Duke. He rips off his mask - it is really Cesar Faison! Robin is sure Anna will see though him but he assures her he doesn’t care if Anna really loves Duke as long as he gets her. If he brought Robin back to her she would have loved him forever, but that is over now. Robin promises that Anna will be so happy to have her back she won’t care. He will be their hero. There is nothing he wants more but he doesn’t believe her. He will have Anna’s heart. There is just one loose end to tie up.

Faison enters another room where a patient is restrained. It’s Duke!

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

"You didn’t get Michael when he was a baby and you sure as hell won’t get him now," Carly threatens Monica.

Faison tells Duke, "You are going to suffer so bad."

Connie informs Todd, "Your secret may be safe with Starr. With me? Not so much."

Milo tells Sonny in the boxing ring, "Ms. Howard, she came onto me." Sonny knocks him out.

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- Hollie Deese

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