The Real Deal.

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Dante and Lulu get bad news, Mac and Anna discuss her love life, and Duke reveals himself to Robin.

The Real Deal. image

At home Lulu and Dante are busted by the woman from the adoption agency for lying about their family history. Lulu apologizes, but she is sure if she did not lie they never would have even gotten the interview. Dante defends Lulu’s actions and begs for another chance to make this right. She tells them it is too late. They will be rejected by every adoption agency on their list. She leaves and Lulu is defeated. There is no way they can be parents. He thinks maybe there is.

In court Diane explains to the judge that Kate is the alter and Connie is the true and original person. Alexis disputes this but Diane tells him the rape caused Connie’s psyche to fracture, creating Kate. Alexis tries to dispute with Keenan’s medical report, but it is shot down because of his criminal activities. Diane calls another doctor to the stand who gives her diagnosis in favor of Connie. Sonny whispers something to Alexis and they change tactics. If this is really Connie, then they need to hold her for double homicide of Hope and Cole. Stricken, Connie jumps up – she never fired a gun in her life! A fight breaks out over it and the judge demands order. He denies Trey’s petition and Connie and Johnny leave to celebrate. Sonny seems defeated.

AJ and Alice get Tracy to the boathouse as Michael starts knocking outside. AJ meets Michael outside. Michael admits he told Starr he is alive. He assures AJ she won’t tell, but he also told Carly. Michael asked her if she drugged AJ, who is shocked to learn she told Michael the truth. Inside, Alice shoves a cloth in Tracy’s mouth when she wakes up. Later they struggle and make some noise but soon Alice comes out and tells them she got the canoe up. She shoos them off to the house.

Carly walks in on Monica at the mansion and demands to know where AJ is. Monica is outraged and calls her crazy. Carly asks if Michael is crazy too, because he also thinks AJ is alive. He had specific questions about the time she drugged AJ. So who told him about it? Monica claims to have done it, and she should have told him sooner so he would know his mother is a conniving bitch. They blame each other for how AJ turned out, then Carly demands to look around. When she comes out after her search she runs right into AJ.

Mac visits Anna at work. She has the feeling something is right in her face and she can’t put her finger on it. He asks if she means a case or Duke. She is upset - Luke thinks Duke is hiding something too. She admits they have hit a snag and she has feelings for Duke. She is confused. Duke was a huge part of her and Robin’s life and part of her thinks she should be with him to honor her. He leaves a present for Emma – The Little Prince.

Duke arrives at the Swiss clinic. Dr. Obrecht emerges from Robin’s room and he is livid she let Robin get to a phone. Now he has to change his plans.

In her room Robin tries to break her binds when suddenly Duke is thrown in the room, tied up and struggling. She recognizes him and he acts like he is just recognizing her too. He tells her he was in Port Charles and everyone thinks she is dead. He heard a rumor in Washington that she was alive and came here to find her. She calls him her hero, like her favorite book The Little Prince .He doesn’t remember and she is surprised. She is apprehensive and asks if he remembers the first meal they made together - spaghetti and meatballs. He does, but she was lying. It was pizza. He is mad – she was always too smart for his own good. Whoever it is takes off his Duke mask.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

"I can’t carry a child to term," Lulu says. "But other women can," Dante replies.

Sam asks Anna, "Tell me what you are going to do to find my husband?"

"Oh my god," Carly says. "Hello Carly," AJ replies.

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- Hollie Deese

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