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Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Heather wakes up, Steve gives Sam big news, and AJ refuses to leave.

Michael arrives at the Quartermaine estate as Monica and AJ duck out back. Monica returns and Michael apologizes for what he said about AJ. She apologizes too. She knows Jason was a big part of his life. But AJ loved him. Michael wonders what would have happened if Jason hadn’t found him after AJ kidnapped him. He offers to stick around, but she wants to be alone. He asks for a copy of a picture of Jason and AJ together and she gives it to him. Outside, AJ blames Carly and Sonny for keeping him from his son. He comes in after Michael leaves and wants to make Michael understand how much he loved him. Monica offers to do it. AJ can’t have anything to do with Michael. She could be arrested along with him if he is caught. AJ refuses. This is his home, his family, and he will do whatever it takes to get back what he has lost.

Trey visits Sonny at the gym. He’ll commit Connie. Sonny is grateful – he knows how hard it is to do anything for him. Trey is doing it for Starr, not Sonny. He’ll sign the papers under one condition. Did Sonny send Jason to kill Joe? Sonny swears on his children’s lives he didn’t. He wanted to but Kate demanded Sonny spare his life. Trey leaves. Later, Michael comes in and hands over the picture. Sonny has his reasons for hating AJ but the best thing he ever did was have Michael. Michael wonders if things would be different if AJ had not been killed. They leave together to eat pizza and talk.

At the Haunted Star, Connie tells Johnny they are going to war as Lulu walks in. She wonders which one is in danger of imminent arrest. Connie wonders if Lulu is trying to get on her bad side. Lulu wonders if that is a threat. Johnny diffuses the situation, and Connie gives them a few minutes to talk. Lulu asks him how Connie got him to marry her. He recoils when she looks at him so it isn’t the sex. She wants to help – he can trust her. She asks again what Connie has on him but Connie comes back and Lulu leaves. Connie demands to know what is going on. She wants him to get rid of Trey. If he signs those papers they are screwed.

At home, Starr rips up a picture of her and Johnny. Kristina comes by to check on Trey and Starr offers to order takeout with her if she wants to wait. Kristina notices the ripped up picture and they discuss why Johnny would have married Connie. Kristina thinks Johnny isn’t bad, just makes bad mistakes. The talk about Trey’s belief that Sonny killed Joe and how hard it is to think his father told him a lie on his deathbed. Trey comes home and tells Kristina and Starr he is committing Connie.

Steve gives Sam the paternity test results. There is no doubt these are accurate. Overwhelmed, she hugs Steve. Jason is going to be so happy! He looks doubtful but she insists Jason will come home to her. Steve hopes she is right and leaves. Alone with Danny, she is ecstatic and can’t wait to tell Jason. Jason walks in and they embrace. Ecstatic, she hands over the results. He is Danny’s father, not Franco. It doesn’t matter to Jason – he would love Danny just as much even if he was not his. They kiss. This is everything Sam ever wanted. Later, Jason disappears and Sam is alone with the baby. Crying, she searches for him and realizes he was never there.

Todd taunts Heather in her hospital room. Sam is about to find out about her baby and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Suddenly, she grabs his arm and threatens to send him to prison. Praise the Lord it is another miracle. He is shocked – she fell eleven stories! She considers herself durable goods. And now that she is awake, it changes everything. She will not go back to Ferncliff. Steve comes in and Heather pretends to think she is Susan Moore. He asks if Heather had an accomplice who helped switch the babies. Someone like Todd? She doesn’t know what he is talking about. Steve pulls Todd outside. He knows Todd helped switch the babies and he is not buying this Susan bit. Later, Heather advises Todd to keep her happy or the cops will be hearing from her very soon.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna asks Duke, "What do you know about the second shooter?"

Patrick asks Maxie, "What is the big plan tonight rock star?" She replies, "I am moving out tonight."

Monica and AJ are startled when Tracy knocks on the door.

Luke visits Todd with a Jason Voorhees hockey mask on.

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- Hollie Deese

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