Goodbye Mr. Morgan.

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Lulu and Dante get bad news, Sonny searches for Jason, and Trey gets a call about his dad.

Jason holds his gun on Scully at the pier. They shoot simultaneously but Joe drops. Jason goes to Bernie, who tries to tell him about the money. Suddenly Duke shoots Jason from behind, then kicks him in the water. Duke turns to Joe, who is struggling to get up. Meanwhile, Bernie calls Sonny and manages to whisper "Pier 52" and "Jason" before Duke flings his phone in the water. He kills Bernie, then shoots at Joe but he is already gone.

At the estate, Monica informs Tracy that Sam and Jason’s baby is alive. Tracy doesn’t want to accept him as a Quartermaine since he is Franco’s baby. Monica thinks Tracy’s greed is showing. She then asks Tracy why she was in her medical bag and Tracy reveals she pulled a bullet out of Joe Jr. Dante came looking for him and told her Joe had kidnapped and tried to kill Kristina. She turned him in, but he was already gone. Monica doesn’t believe Tracy has really turned her back on him. Later, Joe stumbles through the door after Monica has left. He is dying. He just needs Tracy to call his son. She refuses but he tells her about the anti-toxin he gave her. He just wants to say goodbye to his son.

At his apartment, the cops have a few questions for Trey about his father. Sonny shows up and Michael tells him that Joe had been there. Sonny answers Bernie’s call as the cops get notice of shots fired at the pier. Michael and Trey want to go together but Starr refuses. She can’t lose one more person she cares about. Later, Trey’s phone rings. Tracy tells him that Joe needs him now. Trey lies to Michael and Starr and tells them Kristina needs him. He takes off. Michael is worried about Jason. Later, Michael realizes Trey’s call was not from Kristina.

Trey finds his father at the Quartermaine estate. Joe lies and tells Trey that Sonny shot him.

Sonny runs up to Bernie in the pier, who manages to get out that Jason is in the water. Sonny jumps in despite the cops protestations. They drag him out of the water and begin diving. Sonny goes back to Bernie. Scully shot him but … Bernie crashes before he can reveal the true mastermind. Sonny promises that Joe will pay. Later, the coroners zipping up Bernie notice he was shot by two different guns. The divers switch to a search and recovery, not rescue.

Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. She can get pregnant but can’t carry to term. Dr. V comes in and offers to answer any questions. Lulu asks if her abortion could have caused this but Dr. V assures her there is no connection. She recommends Lulu get back on birth control to save herself any more pain and get a second opinion. Alone, Dante comforts Lulu. Dr. V returns with information about alternative ways to have a baby.

In their suite Anna tells Luke that Duke has no DNA on record so his hair will do no good. Luke wants to try fingerprints. Luke has real feelings for her and does not want her to take Duke at face value. They are interrupted by Duke. He wants to take Anna to his place. Luke wants the three of them to do fingerprints first. Anna agrees and it is revealed the prints are an exact match for Duke. Duke now wants Luke to leave them alone.

Sam answers the door at the penthouse for McBain. He was not expecting to see her there. Jason loves the baby and they are a family. But she does not want to leave things unresolved between her and John. She wants him in her life. He just wants her to be happy. His restraining order is still in effect but he is not going to give up on Liam. In the meantime he wants to stay in Port Charles. She wants him to stay. He came over to tell Jason that Manning was released. Sam is too happy to care. As he leaves, she hopes he gets his family back. Later, Sonny shows up.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ellie tells Spin, "I think the pool table might be in use at the moment." Mac, Felicia, Shawn and Alexis are playing strip pool.

Maxie sees Lulu and says, "You have been crying. What happened?"

Kristina asks Michael and Starr, "What is going on?" Michael replies, "Trey has gone to see his father."

Joe whispers to Trey, "Joey, my son."

Sonny tells Sam, "Jason has been shot."

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- Hollie Deese

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