Hot And Perceptive.

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Jason goes to the pier, Luke takes something from Duke, and Todd’s lawyer arrives.

At the hospital Lulu tells her doctor about her troubles getting pregnant. She assures Lulu getting pregnant can take up to a year. But her husband’s test results for his sperm count will be back soon. Lulu is surprised. Dante must want this baby as much as she does. The doctor wants to check Lulu out too. Later, she tells Lulu they need to talk.

Anna and Duke kiss in her suite. He wants to make love to her. Doesn’t she remember racing to get their clothes off after their wedding? Luke walks in and demands Duke unhand Anna. Duke wants to prove his feelings for Anna are as strong as ever. Luke wants him to prove even more – like who he really is. Luke wants Duke to take a DNA test. Duke refuses but Luke yanks a hair out of his head. Duke leaves to go make arrangements now that he is staying in Port Charles permanently. Alone, Anna and Luke have nothing to say to each other.

In Trey’s apartment, Michael calls Dante when Joe pulls a gun on him. Starr comes in and screams. Joe demands he turn off his phone. Joe wants to take Starr with him. Trey begs Joe to let her go but insists he has no other choice. Later, Dante arrives and Joe is gone. Trey tells them Joe is not working alone. Later, Dante gets a call from Lulu to meet her at the hospital.

Carly visits Todd in the holding room. She wants to know if he had anything to do with the baby switch. He starts to talk when John walks in. Carly is hostile toward John. Todd loves it and calls Carly hot and perceptive. Todd continues his story. He gave the baby to Heather, who took the baby into the creepy shack. Heather came out with the baby and Tea assumed, like he did, that it was her baby. Carly wants him to swear on Starr that he is not lying. Suddenly, Diane Miller arrives. She is the gossip columnist Todd fired, and is now his lawyer. She brings papers that release Todd. Outside, Carly insists Todd swear on Starr’s life that he is not lying. He does and she hugs him. One lying bastard in her life is one too many.

At the pier, Bernie Abrams leaves a message for Jason. It is a matter of life or death. Bernie flashes back to December 2011. Bernie told Carly he was ambushed, but Shawn saved him. She went with him to the hospital and asked the doctor to take care of him and left. The doctor revealed himself as Duke. He threatened Bernie to transfer Sonny’s assets to Kristina or his family would die. Later, Joe arrives at the pier. Bernie begs for his life, but Joe shoots him.

Sam and Jason arrive at the penthouse with Danny. They are excited about their first night together as a family. They put Danny down and Sam tells Jason she is ready to be with him again. They go in the bedroom and she puts the dragon with the phoenix – now things are back to the way they are supposed to be. They get in bed but son Danny cries out. Sam goes to him while Jason pulls out his wedding ring from the end table and puts it back on. Sam reruns with the baby and Jason puts her ring back on her too. He will love her forever. They take their first family picture and she hopes there will be a million more. They listen to the message from Bernie. Jason does not want to leave them alone, but Sam assures him they will be fine. Sam gives him the phoenix and they kiss goodbye. Soon, John knocks on the door.

Dante meets Lulu at the hospital. She can’t have a baby.

Jason arrives at the pier and pulls a gun on Joe. They shoot simultaneously and Joe is hit. At the pier, Bernie tries to tell Jason about the money when Jason is shot from behind. Duke stands there while Jason bleeds.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

John tells Sam, "We don’t need to talk about you and I." Sam replies, "Yes, I think we do."

Luke tells Anna, "You’re afraid to find out that this guy calling himself Lavery is a liar."

Dante asks Lulu, "What do we do now? How do we fix this?"

Sonny answers his phone, "Bernie, what’s up." Bernie whispers, "Pier 52."

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