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Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Todd wants Starr to keep his secret, Joe visits Trey, and Duke brings breakfast to Anna.

Michael is surprised to see Carly at the Metro Court. He tells her Jason found Sam’s baby. She is ecstatic until Michael reveals it was Tea’s baby who died in the switch. She feels bad for Todd. She knows he was worried about Tea.

Duke visits Anna in her suite with room service and wishes her a happy anniversary. He thinks their love can fix anything. She puts him off, but he is adamant they can start all over. She explains that her and Luke are more than friends. Duke doesn’t think Luke is good enough for her. Duke will do anything to get her to trust him again. She is concerned there is so much they don’t know about each other. He gets close to her – he knows she feels what he is feeling. They kiss.

At home, Lulu and Dante get another negative pregnancy test. She wonders if they are doing it wrong. Maybe they need to try a new position. Or maybe it is Dante. Luke overhears Dante’s assurances there is nothing wrong with his swim team. Dante leaves. Later, Lulu senses something is wrong. Luke thinks he is losing Anna to Duke. He is confused why she is not more suspicious of Duke. Luke wants to get a DNA test.

Dante goes to the hospital and nervously explains his efforts to conceive with Epiphany. She very loudly asks if he needs a sperm count. She hands him a cup and tells him to fill ‘er up. She messes with him when he comes out and comments how quick it was.

Joe visits Trey at home and assures him that his only chance is on the outside. He still has a powerful ally with connections who put this plan in motion to take Sonny down. Trey wants a name but Joe refuses. Michael knocks on the door looking for Starr. Trey won’t let him in but he comes in anyway and sees Joe. Michael calls Dante and Joe pulls a gun on him. Dante answers but Michael doesn’t say anything.

At the hospital, Jason tells Sam he wants her and Danny come home with him and share his life. He wants to be a family. She worries that he considers it an obligation. He regrets shutting her out and wants the life she dreamed of in her fantasy. She knows Jason would protect Danny with his life, but she needs for Jason to love him. Jason wants to be there for Danny every day. He will never hurt Sam or Danny again. Sam leaves to get a bottle. Jason picks up Danny and apologizes to him as Carly comes in. She hopes Sam will take him back. He tells her Todd could have known about the baby switch. She is worried she has been lying to herself about Todd. He is her friend, almost. But Jason is her only friend. They hug and Sam comes back. Before she leaves Carly tells Sam she needs to do the right thing and let Jason be a part if his life. Alone, Sam thinks they have wasted enough time and agrees to go home with him.

Starr visits Todd in jail. She demands to know if he knew Tea’s baby died that night and if he gave her Sam’s baby on purpose. If he lies to her and she finds out about it, they will be done. She asks him again, and he tells her the truth. He knew. Starr is mad and wants to leave but Todd convinces her to stay for an explanation. He tells her about that night. He panicked when Tea reached for the healthy baby. He didn’t mean to lie, it just happened. Starr is livid he inflicted that pain on Sam. Todd can’t tell Tea and he is hoping Starr won’t either. The only testimony that can put him behind bars is hers. He begs her not to turn her back on him as Dante comes in. He asks Starr to leave because she did not sign in. She leaves and soon Carly arrives. She wants to know if Todd had anything to do with the baby switch.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Joe tells Starr, "Sweetheart, you are my ticket out of here."

Luke tells Duke, "Unhand that woman Braveheart!"

Carly asks Todd, "Don’t lie to me. Did you switch the babies?"

Jason gets a voice mail. "Jason, it’s urgent. Come as soon as you get this message. It’s a matter of life and death."

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- Hollie Deese

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