The Belles Of The Cellblock.

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

The Davis girls meet Daniel, Sonny fights for Kate, and Jason wants a life with Sam.

The Belles Of The Cellblock. image

At home, Alexis, Molly and Kristina get ready to go to the hospital to see the baby. Alexis is officially a grandma!

At the hospital, Sonny overhears Jason get off the phone with PCPD about his statement. Jason wants to start over with Sam and Daniel, but he worries that makes them targets. Jason wants Sam and Danny and whatever life they can make together. He wants Danny to know that he is his father and he loves him no matter what. Sonny tells him to fight for it, like he is fighting for Kate. They chuckle – maybe this is the first time they will wind up happy.


Johnny comes downstairs to find Connie dusting the apartment in skimpy lingerie. Suddenly she tosses a bowl of yogurt on him. She is mad about his internet searches about how to commit a spouse. He agrees that he fantasizes about her getting carted off as they struggle. She breaks away from him. She threatens to send him and Todd to jail where they will be the belles of the cellblock. He isn’t scared. Sonny shows up and Johnny excuses himself to shower. Sonny speaks directly to Kate through Connie. He will not leave her, ever. Connie tells him not to bother. Kate is gone and nothing is going to bring her back. Sonny leaves. He won’t forget what Johnny has done.

In Duke’s hotel room, Joe tries to revive the plan to kill Kristina but Duke nixes it. He pulls a gun on Joe – he is the one who has to die. Joe knows Duke loves Anna, so let Joe make amends. He will do the dirty work for him. They have an agreement and Duke excuses himself.

Trey looks over the annulment papers at home. Starr asks what is wrong and he unloads about his father and the annulment. Now Alexis wants him to sign the commitment papers for Connie. He isn’t sure he wants to help her. Starr begs him to sign the papers or he will be helping Connie like Johnny did. Later, Trey shows her a news article about Todd getting arrested and she leaves. Later, Joe shows up.


Sam holds Daniel in his hospital room and tries to get to know him. Later, Jason brings Monica by to meet the baby. Monica wonders if his last name is McCall or Morgan. Alexis, Kristina and Molly bust in. They marvel at how much he looks like Jason as he slips out with Monica. They wish virtues on him like intelligence and integrity. Later, Molly can’t help but think about the funeral they had for the other baby.In the hallway Monica asks Jason if he and Sam have worked out anything. She badgers him about the baby’s last name. He changes the subject and asks about Heather. She is in a coma. Monica wants her to pay for what she has done to everyone. Monica asks again if there is a chance for him and Sam. Jason loves the baby but that does not change the mistakes that were made. Whatever happens next is up to Sam. Back in Daniel’s room, Sam and the girls make plans to take the baby to Alexis’ house. Later, Jason tells Sam he was hoping she and the baby would go home with him.


Tea visits Todd in the holding room. She wants to know if he knew the baby wasn’t hers. John kept prodding him to tell her something and she thinks he is totally capable of switching babies. So did he? He denies it. Heather is bananas and this is all about a grudge she has against Sam. Tea looks skeptical. If Todd knew her baby was dead and he had an opportunity to give her a live one, she knows he would to avoid hurting her more. But to allow her to love a child all those months only to have him taken away, Todd has hurt her a thousand times more than ever before. Outside, Tea runs into Starr. Tea does not know if Todd had anything to do with the baby switch, but if he will tell anyone, it is Starr.

Luke and Anna meet in the suite. It is her anniversary to Duke. She asks what happened after she left. Luke got rid of him. Anna is mad but Luke is sure if Duke can handle a Turkish prison, he can handle the mean streets of Port Charles. Luke wants to talk about their relationship. She is not sure there is one. Luke understands Duke showing up is overwhelming, but she has to be smart. She is offended, but he thinks she should at least ask for fingerprints. Upset, Luke leaves. Later, Duke arrives with flowers and wishes her a happy anniversary.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Michael, "Sam has her little boy back and if she has any sense she will get Jason back too."

Jason tells Sam, "I know that I hurt you, but I am never going to make that mistake again."

Trey yells at Joe, "So you turn yourself in now or I make this call!"

Starr asks Todd, "Did you know that you sent Tea home with Sam Morgan’s son?"

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- Hollie Deese

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