Welcome Home Daniel Edward.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Duke has a new plan, Carly returns something to Johnny, and Patrick mourns Robin on her birthday.

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Duke smacks Joe Jr. across the face in his hotel room for botching up his plans for Sonny. He wants everything, including Anna, but he needs to have what Sonny has to get it. He went to a lot of trouble to have all of Sonny’s assets transferred to Kristina without Sonny knowing. All Joe had to do was get his son to marry her and then kill her. If Joe had done what he was supposed to do, Duke would be running Sonny’s empire. Duke has another plan Joe will be instrumental in executing. Someone else has to die.

Sonny arrives at Alexis', furious there has been no sign of Joe or his body. Alexis thinks she has a way to get Kate back - have Trey commit her. He is not entirely sold because they have to find him first. He won’t show his face there after what Joe did to Kristina. Alexis tells him Trey is the only person aside from Johnny who can get Kate the help he needs. He doesn’t think Trey will go to bat for them like that.

Outside Alexis’ Trey finds Kristina. He wants to talk. He is still trying to figure out how the man he loved is the same man who tried to kill her. He has so many questions and he can’t get any answers while his dad is missing. And he needs to know where he stands with his wife. His feelings for her are real. He’ll sign anything she wants but he wants to still see her. He asks to come in with her and Sonny and Alexis are surprised to see him. Sonny asks Trey for help with his mother.

Connie orders dinner in at Johnny’s place with his credit card. She wants to be added to his accounts. Carly shows up to deliver a wedding present. It is the bracelet Johnny gave her. Connie calls it a piece of junk and Carly agrees. She defended Johnny to Todd but he is everything he said and worse. Johnny wants her to stay away from Todd. She asks why but Connie stops Johnny from talking. As she leaves, Carly gives Johnny a big kiss, the last kiss he will ever get from her. Later, he snatches the bracelet off of Connie.

Sabrina tells Patrick she heard Heather tell Anna that Robin is alive. When Anna exits Heather’s room he confronts her about it. Anna excuses Sabrina. Heather told her back when she was being questioned for Anthony that she had seen Robin. Anna followed up – all the way to Switzerland and a dead end. Patrick feels Robin at night, calling for help. Anna feels the same. Today is Robin’s birthday. Patrick surprised Robin last year with plane tickets but they never found the time to use them. Meanwhile, Brit admonishes Sabrina to think before she speaks. Later, Brit offers to take Patrick home and he agrees.


In the hospital hallway, Todd tells Tea her baby died that night in the woods. She smacks him and runs to John. She begs him to tell her that Todd is lying, but he can’t. John has the DNA test. The autopsy revealed the baby had hemophilia. She finally believes. Later, Todd sits with Tea and tells her what a great job she did with the baby while she had him. John and Anna look on. They will not let Todd get away with this.


Over dinner with Tracy in his suite, Luke can’t stop thinking about Anna and she can’t stop thinking about Joseph. Luke is concerned that if Duke is real, he did not survive a Turkish prison by being a nice guy. He can feel Duke is up to something. He has a scam on Anna and he has to find out what it is. Later, Anna arrives and Tracy leaves. Luke wants to talk about Duke. Anna is too tired and goes to bed.


In their hospital room, Jason thinks Sam and the baby look beautiful. Sam doesn’t even want to tell her family yet because she hasn’t processed it all herself. What if she does something wrong? He knows she will be an amazing mom. She feels guilty because of how much Tea must be grieving. Jason holds the baby and she marvels at the sight. This is how Sam always pictured the three of them in her fantasy. Tea walks in and sees them all together. She knows he is not her son. She just needs to say good bye to him. Sam and Jason watch her say her emotional goodbyes to the baby before she rushes out. Todd calls out to Tea as she runs by but he can’t help her. He is arrested.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Connie opens the door for Sonny and asks, "What the hell do you want?"

Monica asks Sam, "What is Daniel’s last name? McCall or Morgan?"

Tea asks Todd, "Did you know the baby wasn’t mine?"

Joe asks Duke, "You said someone else has to die. Who?" Duke replies with a gun aimed at him, "You."

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- Hollie Deese

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