So Happy It Hurts.

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Heather hits the ground, Sam gets her wish, and Tea learns the truth.

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On the roof Jason and Sam plead with Heather to give them the baby. Heather goes to the ledge and jumps as Jason reaches out. Jason has grabbed the baby in time! Sam is overwhelmed as Jason reunites her with her son. Jason puts his arms around them. John silently watches the reunion before making his presence known. He assures them Heather is in custody and now they need to get checked out.

Inside the hospital Patrick and Brit congratulate each other on a surgery they worked on. She thinks they make a great team. Suddenly, cops rush by them and Sabrina tells them a crazy woman is on the roof with a baby. Steve arrives and clarifies it is his mom. He fills them in on how she threw Olivia down the stairs. Dante arrives as Steve is leaving and tells him Heather is not on the roof anymore. She fell and Steve needs to get down there and help her. Steve rushes off. Patrick gives Brit orders to prep for more injured while he takes Sabrina with him to get Heather.


On the ground Tea struggles to get away from Todd to get to her baby. Suddenly Heather hits the ground. Todd prevents Tea from looking until Liz calls out that the baby is not there. Anna tells Heather not to die – they have unfinished business. Heather wants to know how the baby is. Steve assures her he is fine and he will be with her through everything. Meanwhile, Todd encourages Tea to think about her statement when Anna pulls him away. She demands he not leave town and when he turns back Tea is gone.


Sam, Jason, John and the baby go inside to get checked out. Tea arrives, hysterical. She is so happy to see the baby Sam can’t even look at her. Tea wants her baby back but Sam won’t let her. John holds her back as Sam and Jason take the baby with Brit. Todd finally tells her she is not getting her kid back. He apologizes for everything he has ever done to her and for what he is about to tell her. That little boy isn’t Victor. Her child is dead and that child is Sam’s.

Steve, Liz, Patrick and Sabrina get Heather to a room. Liz pulls Steve out to give Patrick room to work. Outside, Anna has some questions for Steve. Liz pulls Anna aside - Heather needs to pay fully for what she has done. She had no accomplice. Anna assures Liz that if Heather survives she will do what she can to put her away, but her accomplice should not be allowed to walk away free. Anna asks Steve if Heather ever talked about her association with Todd Manning. Steve knows is mother is a murderer. Patrick comes out with news. Heather is awake. Inside, Steve assures Heather she is getting the best care. She apologizes for betraying his trust. Liz listens in as Heather asks him to be too hard on himself for not helping her.

In the hallway Dante and Anna talk about Jason’s role in saving the baby. She does not want him getting harassed and just wants a simple statement on file. Later, Steve feels guilty for signing Heather’s paperwork and believing all of her lies. She was his responsibility and now Maggie is dead. Dante assures him Heather will never hurt anyone again. Steve is not sure. Getting caught has never stopped her before. Steve is not sure if he even wants Heather to survive the surgery.

Anna visits Heather in her room. It is time they had a chat about Todd. Heather wants to know about her reunion with Robin instead. Anna tells her about her fruitless trip. Heather assures her she must have lost the trail. She saw Robin Scorpio Drake. She is alive. Sabrina hears and rushes out. Meanwhile, Anna is going to see to it that Heather is confined to a hell hole 100 times worse than Ferncliff. She will never see her precious Steven Lars again. She insists Heather admit Todd’s role in the baby switch.

Sabrina runs into Patrick in the hallway. She thinks his wife is alive.


In a room, Brit checks out the baby. They are going to get his paperwork from Llanview and she’ll check up on them later. Liz hands over the baby to Jason and Sam. She is really happy for them. Alone, Sam hurts for Tea but she is so happy it hurts.

Brit joins Liz outside the hospital. She wants to know what is bothering her. Liz tells her about Jake. She keeps thinking about those moms in there, one getting a reunion while the other gets everything taken away from her. But the baby is back where he belongs.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam tells Jason, "I almost feel guilty for being so happy."

Tea screams, "Why are you lying?"

Kristina asks Trey, "What are you doing here?" He replies, "I came to see you."

Connie asks Carly, "What do you want?"

Alexis tells Sonny, "I think I have a way for you to get Kate back."

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- Hollie Deese

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