In This Town, Nobody Dies.

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Jason demands his son back from Heather, Luke confides in Tracy, and Tea demands answers from Todd and John.

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Tracy visits Luke at his suite and he fills her in on the latest. Someone dug up Duke, washed him off and he was waiting here when he got home. He still loves Anna and wants Luke to step aside so they can have their magical experience. Tracy thinks Anna should choose the man she wants, but will it be Live Luke or Dead Duke? Luke shares Anna’s search for Robin and his quest to find Robert. Now they are back and Anna is up to her eyeballs in work, looking for Joe Jr. and Heather. Tracy admits that Joseph is the man she told him about, but she did not know it was Joe Scully at the time. He was sweet, attractive, and wow, was he good in bed. But he raped Kate when they were teenagers. He also murdered McBain’s sister. Luke laughs – she sure can pick ‘em! She admits her judgment was clouded and she removed a bullet for him, but he took off when she hid him. He is a louse, a criminal and she was crazy about him. Luke laughs. He is sorry for her, but they sure are a pair. Tracy blames herself. Joseph was too good to be true. Luke assures her he will be back. No one dies in this town.

Duke arrives at his hotel and the doctor from the Swiss clinic is three. Robin is well – she even ate something. Was his return as pleasant for Anna as he had hoped? He lets her know it was far from pleasant. She did not believe him and thought he was an imposter. He was getting through but Luke Spencer interrupted. She told him Luke would be a problem. He asked Luke to bow out and he refused, so now Duke has a fight on his hands. Whatever her feelings for Luke are, they can’t compare to how he feels. She thinks he should be prepared for Anna to choose Luke over him. Suddenly, Joe Jr. shows up.


Tea demands to know what is going on in the motel room. John tells them an hour ago Heather called Todd’s phone from this room. Tea is confused and Todd is peppered with questions. Tea demands an explanation as to why Heather would think Todd would help her. John wants to tell her but Anna does not think now is the right time. John forges ahead – it has everything to do with her son. He begins to tell her but Anna cuts them off. Heather and the baby are at the hospital. It is a hostage situation on the roof.

In the hospital stairwell Dante screams for help for Olivia, then heads for the roof. Epiphany tends to Olivia, who screams she was right. Heather is in the hospital with the baby.


On the hospital roof, Jason and Sam catch up with Heather. Sam gets on her knees to beg and Jason asks what it will take for her to give them the baby. Heather wants so many things so it is hard to know what she wants most. But she will never let him go. Heather is his mom now and they will be together forever. Dante rushes on the roof with his gun drawn. Heather wants Jason and Sam to get rid of Dante or she will show them what she will be forced to do with the baby. Dante leaves, but Heather refuses to give up the baby. She accuses Jason of never wanting the baby. He will never be able to love Franco’s son. Jason screams it is his son, and he and Sam want him. Heather won’t hand the baby over. She is a better parent than the two of them put together. Sam admits it is her fault Heather is not with Steve and promises to get Steven Lars back if she hands over the baby.

Epiphany and Steve get Olivia to a room. Dante joins them and tells them what is happening on the roof. Steve thinks he can help talk Heather down to save Sam’s baby. Epiphany is shocked that Sam is the mother. Epiphany remembers Tea and Sam the night the babies were born.


Tea, John, Todd and Anna arrive outside at the hospital. Anna grabs the megaphone and hopes she does not set Heather off.

On the roof, Heather is upset by Anna. She just wants to get the baby back to the motel to meet someone with money and passports. Jason tells her there is no way out. Heather agrees and gets on the ledge. If she can’t have him, no one can. She jumps.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sabrina tells Patrick and Dr. W, "There is a crazy lady on the roof with a baby."

Steve asks Dante, "What do you mean she is not upstairs?" Dante replies, "She fell from the roof."

Sam begs Jason, "Where is my son, Jason?"

Tea, hysterical, asks Todd, "Does she have my son with her? Does she have my son?"

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- Hollie Deese

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