So You’re Psychic Now?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Olivia sees Heather, Todd and Tea look for the baby, and Luke and Duke are at odds over Anna.

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In her motel room, Heather assures the baby that Uncle Todd is going to help them. He has to show up if he wants to keep Tea from finding out she was not his real mommy. Slowly, Heather begins to worry Todd has developed a conscience and is double crossing her. She is worried about getting the medicine. Should they go get it or wait for Todd?

Luke gets out of the shower in his suite and is bummed Duke is still hanging around. Duke apologizes for the timing, but he and Anna have something real. He is not ever going to give that up. Luke has a problem with that and demands an explanation of where Duke has been. Luke accuses him of running a scam. It takes a con to see a con. Duke assures Luke that he and Anna are soul mates. Didn’t he have a great love once in Laura? That is like Anna to him. So why doesn’t he go chase after Laura and leave him and Anna alone? Luke ushers Duke out and tells him the best man will win. Duke thinks he has already won, Luke just doesn’t know it yet.

John tells Anna in her office that Heather is in Port Charles looking for help. They agree she will turn to Todd so Anna sets up taps on Todd’s phones. She wishes she had done it hours ago. John pressures her about what happened after she went home to sleep. She had a visit from her supposedly dead husband. She tells about Duke’s return. John is a bit doubtful, but Anna is sure it is him. John encourages her to find out for sure that Duke is who he says he is. They get a tip that Heather reached out to Todd and they make tracks.

Tea arrives at Todd’s door and throws herself in his arms. She is hysterical because Heather has her son. Todd saved him the night he was born and maybe he can help her now. She can’t calm down. Todd has something to tell her. He sometimes does things with the best of intentions, and he specifically tried to not hurt Tea, but he has an unfortunate association with Heather. Tea loses it again and leaves to splash water on her face. Meanwhile, Todd struggles with what to do. Tea comes out and he pretends he is on the phone getting breaking news. He knows where Heather is! He stops Tea from calling the cops but she refuses to let him go alone.


Anna and John bust into Heather’s motel room, but it is empty except for baby items. Anna calls it in and is pretty sure Heather intends to come back. John thinks it may be a diversion and Heather is going to be anywhere. The door opens and Anna pulls a gun on the opening door, but it is Tea and Todd. Tea freaks out – where is her baby? John eyes Todd and asks how he found out about the hotel. Tea wonders what the hell is going on. Is Todd going to tell her, or should John?

Olivia and Dante are waiting to hear how Steve is doing in a hospital room. Dante assures her Steve will be fine then goes back to work. Later, Heather, wearing scrubs, walks in on Olivia and locks the door. Olivia screams at the psycho to get away from her but it is really Epiphany. Olivia realizes it is just Epiphany and tries to explain her psychic visions. Does Olivia think she is psychic now? She just wanted to let her know the labs were delayed.


At the hospital Jason promises Sam that they will get her baby back. She is worried the baby needs his medicine. She doesn’t even remember what he looks. Jason spots Dante and leaves her for a moment. He returns with pictures of the baby the PCPD has on file for ID purposes. They marvel at the pictures. Tea must be in agony worrying about him. Jason wants to concentrate on the good news, that her son has been loved his whole life. Dante returns with a lead on Heather’s location. Then, Epiphany comes up and tells Dante about Olivia’s episode. Sam and Jason sit on the stairs while Dante goes to Olivia’s room. It is empty.


Heather arrives at the hospital and panics when she sees Sam and Jason. She takes the baby into a stairwell and runs into Olivia, where the two struggle. Heather pushes Olivia down the stars. Outside, Jason and Sam hear a thud. They find Olivia and Sam runs off after Heather. Dante comes up and stays with Olivia. Jason and Sam catch up with Heather on the roof.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy tells Luke, "He has competition." Luke replies, "With a cadaver."

John asks Todd, "Are you going to tell her or should I?" Tea demands, "Tell me what?"

Olivia yells to Epihany, "I was right. Heather Webber is here in the hospital!"

Sam begs Heather, "He belongs with his mother." Heather replies, "Then he is literally in the right hands."

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- Hollie Deese

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