My Little Do Over.

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Duke drops a bomb on Anna and Luke, Todd’s options are running out, and the hunt for Heather is on.

My Little Do Over. image

At home, Anna is overwhelmed by Duke’s return. As they embrace, Luke walks in. Luke is surprised to see Duke, who he recognizes immediately despite having never met. Duke wants time alone with Anna but Luke won’t be excused. This is his place! Anna tells Duke she is living in the second bedroom. Luke asserts that he and Slim are more than roommates. Anna does not want Duke to leave so Luke tells her everything that happened with Robert and Holly in front of him. Luke believes they have something real and he doesn’t want to lose it. Duke interjects that there is a problem – Anna is his wife. Luke goes over her two husbands since Duke, Robert and David Hayward. Luke and Duke argue while Anna leaves to go back to work. Alone, Duke tells Luke whatever he thought he had with Anna, it’s over.

At home, Olivia gets Steve to wake up. She calls Dante and Steve gasps out that his mother did this to him. He tells her the baby is Sam’s and Olivia thinks he is hurt worse than she thought.


In bed, Lulu and Dante bask in the afterglow. They start going at it again when Maxie starts pounding on the door. Meanwhile, Dante leaves to meet Olivia. Maxie rushes in. She did not expect Spin to move on with someone so perfect for him. Maxie wanted to tell Spin she loves him, that he is the one she wants to build her life with. But now he is with Ellie. Lulu assures her that if two people are meant to be together it is never too late. But if she tells Spin everything now she should bring a little something extra to the table. Lulu looks pointedly at Maxie’s wedding ring. Maxie needs to talk to Matt.


Ellie and Spin return to the hospital and discuss their picnic. He is preoccupied by thoughts of a friend and she guesses it is Maxie. It was clear she was worried they had sexual relations - the subject came up during girl talk. He is actually worried about Sam. She tried to get info from him but he thought Jason should deliver it. Later, Ellie mentions that Maxie made it clear to her she did not want to be friends with Spin anyway. Suddenly Olivia rushes in with Steve and Dante. Steve insists again that the baby Heather has is Sam’s, not Tea’s. Spin is excited. This changes everything for Jason and Sam. Later, Ellie tells Spin that she thinks Maxie misses being friends. Spin is sure Maxie is not jealous and is glad he has opened himself up to life’s possibilities. They kiss.

At Alexis’ house, Jason tells Sam that Heather has the baby. When John went to Llanview to tell Tea, Heather was gone and John did not tell Tea the baby is not hers. Sam feels pain for Tea but is overjoyed that her son is alive. Jason promises her they will find Heather before it is too late. He encourages her to think about what her son has already survived. Sam might know where Heather went. It is obvious Todd was blackmailed by Heather. What if he would still do anything to keep up his end of the bargain? John arrives and tells them Todd is not talking. Sam asks how the baby is and he tells her he is beautiful.

In Steve’s hospital room, Olivia realizes her vision about Heather was right and maybe they should take her visions more seriously. Sam and Jason rush in. Steve informs them that Heather is not after money- she is after a family. She was acting like the baby was her own son. But he is on medication and they need to find him soon.


In her motel room Heather tells the baby not to worry. She has great big plans for him. She wishes Steve was coming with them, but she did what she had to do. He is her little do-over, the son she was always meant to have. She calls Todd. She threatens to expose all of his help in her crimes if he does not help her with money and passports. He relents and asks for the address. She is at the Nightlight Motel, room 203. Later, Heather realizes the baby is out of medicine.

At Todd’s, John wonders if he has heard from Heather. John has security footage of Todd visiting her at Ferncliff. John assures him Tea will find out everything, including his involvement in switching babies. Todd ushers John out. Alone, Todd is about to call Tea when Heather calls. Later, Tea shows up at his door.

Anna and John meet at her office. He thinks Todd will lead them right to Heather.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia points at Epiphany and screams, "You stay away psycho!" Epiphany replies, "Oh no you didn’t."

Luke asks Duke, "You are still here?" Duke replies, "I still haven’t agreed to give up Anna."

Sam looks at a picture of her baby and says, "I wish I could hold him." Jason replies, "You will."

Heather tells the baby, "Uncle Todd is going to help us because he has no choice."

Tea pleads with Todd, "Do you know something I don’t know?"

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- Hollie Deese

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