Never Count A Sociopath Out.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Luke returns from Europe, Anna is surprised by Duke, and Sam learns her son is still alive.

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At PCPD Dante tells Olivia about Joe Jr. and Kristina. Now Joe is on the run. At least with him there is a blood trail. There is no telling where Heather is. Olivia hallucinated about Heather last night. She thinks her visions are more like premonitions. Dante plays along and asks if she saw Heather with a baby. Olivia concentrates, but doesn’t see Heather. She sees Dante and Lulu with a baby. One thing she knows for sure – they are going to make the most adorable parents.

Lulu gets the apartment set for seduction. She hears the door open and takes off her robe – but it is just Luke back from Europe. He wonders if he missed anything other than Jerry’s rampage. She informs him that Heather has escaped. Luke isn’t concerned. Lulu thinks it is weird that Luke and Anna did not come back together. Luke explains how they got closer in Switzerland but Anna left when he told her he lied to Robert. Anna insisted he track down Robert and come clean. He found him and Holly trying to track down Ethan. He told them the truth and blows were thrown. Then he found Ethan in Budapest having the time of his life. Lulu hopes Luke and Anna can move forward from this. Later, Dante comes home and tells Lulu Olivia had another vision of them with a baby. He is just there to change and refuel. She wonders if that’s what the kids are calling it. They start going at it.


Anna pulls a gun on the intruder in her hotel room. It’s Duke! But she was holding Duke when he died. Duke reveals that the man who claimed to be him was a plant from Julian Jerome. Duke would do anything to get back to Anna and Robin. He demands to see Robin. Anna chokes out that Robin is dead, just like Duke. She makes Duke turn around and begins to cuff him for breaking and entering and fraud. Duke laughs. Anna has owned him since the night they met. A love like they had was pretty rare. He repeats words of love he spoke to her long ago and begs her to remember too. He missed her and he fought and he escaped and here he is. He is back for her. She realizes it is Duke and they cling to each other. Later, Luke walks in and interrupts their embrace.

Todd opens his door to John. John knows what he did to Sam and her baby. Todd tries to usher him out but no dice. Sam’s baby didn’t die and Todd already knew that, didn’t he? Stone faced, Todd denies any baby switching. John has the proof but Todd still plays dumb. He wants to be the one to tell Tea the baby is not hers. John informs him he can’t. The baby is gone.


Heather shows up at Steve’s with his new baby brother. Steve wants to call someone – Heather must realize how wrong this is. Steve wants to check the baby but she pulls away. He insists and pulls a blanket to reveal there is no baby with her at all. Heather thought it was best if they were alone for their reunion. Plus, if anything happens to her no one will see the baby again. Steve wants to give the baby back to Sam. Heather grabs her things to leave but Steve stops her. He does not want her to disappear out of his life again. Maybe they can make this work. He hugs her and begs her to take him to the baby. She asks to go freshen up first and when she steps out he calls Dante. She watches him make the call. Later, Olivia walks in and Steve is knocked out on the floor.


Jason and Sam sit down at Alexis’ house. He tells her that her baby is still alive. She was right the whole time. The babies were switched. Heather was in the woods that night burying Anthony. She got a replacement baby from Todd, who was in the woods that night too delivering a baby in distress. Sam remembers Tea. She wonders how Jason was able to do this. He couldn’t stand listening to her blame herself so he kept studying the autopsy report. He wanted her to get her baby back and if there was even a chance to make it right he was going to find it. He had John help him run a DNA test and they are sure. Sam demands to see the baby and that is when Jason tells her Heather kidnapped him.

Later, Heather reunites with the baby in a motel room. Steven was not who she thought he was. They are going someplace no one will ever find them.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spin asks Ellie, "Maxie asked if we consummated our relationship?"

John yells at Todd, "When we find that child Tea is going to find out the truth."

Olivia calls Dante and says, "Steve’s mother was here. She attacked him!"

With Jason, Sam says, "Jason, he is alive. We have to find him. We have to find Heather."

Heather tells the baby, "You are the son I was always meant to have."

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- Hollie Deese

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