Our Little Secret.

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Duke has plans for Anna, Sam demands answers from Spin, and Todd takes care of Carly.

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In a Swiss hospital room, Duke tells an unconscious Robin he never wanted to hurt her or her mother. Heather Webber is responsible for all of this for giving Anna hope. He promises to reunite her with Anna, but it has to be carefully orchestrated. The doctor who caught Luke and Anna arrives and tells him that the incompetent staff at Ferncliff gave Robin too high a dose of electroshock. She may forever be comatose. Duke pulls out an old picture of Anna. Circumstances kept him and Anna apart, but now he can go back to her. He will mend her broken heart and very soon everyone will know Robin is alive. The doctor asks about Luke. He seemed devoted to Anna. Duke is not concerned about Luke.

In her office, Anna is working on finding Joe Jr. McBain shows up with an update on Heather. She went to Llanview, pretended to be a nanny and stole Tea’s baby. Anna wonders why Heather chose this baby. John tells her the story of the switch. Webber and Manning conspired to switch the babies and Tea still does not know the baby is not hers. Anna thinks that is cruel – she will lose him all over again once she learns the truth. She is going to make sure Heather pays. Suddenly, she gets faint. She hasn’t eaten or slept in a while. McBain sends her home. She has to stay sharp to beat Heather.

Jason pounds on Steve’s door. He asks if Heather has been there but she hasn’t. Steve wants to know if this is about Tea’s baby. Jason confirms the switch. The baby Tea took back to Llanview is Sam’s. But now the baby is gone and so is his nanny - Heather. Steve demands Sam be told but Jason does not want her to know until the baby is safe. Steve thinks Heather could be selling the baby. Things could get dangerous. Doesn’t Sam deserve to know?

Outside his room, Todd asks his PI if he has found Heather, but no dice. Inside, Carly wakes up. Todd has ordered her favorite foods and made sure Joss is off safely to school. Carly thinks he needs to work on his stalking issues. She can’t stop thinking there is something else Johnny is not telling her. Todd holds Carly’s hand and tells her how amazing she is. She can do so much better than Johnny. She agrees. She had better – Jax, who she divorced for Johnny. She is mad at herself. He encourages her to call in sick and they watch a movie and eat popcorn. Later, Todd offers to scrub her back … and her front. She laughs and is thankful that she feels better. After Carly leaves, McBain arrives. He knows what Todd did.


Spin rushes into Alexis’ house at Sam’s call. She wants to know what Jason is keeping from her. Spin stalls but she bypasses his tricks. Spin is loyal to them both, but he doesn’t know what Jason might be trying to tell her. He tries to leave but she won’t let him. She is sure Spin knows and asks if it has to do with the baby case she overheard him talking about. He tells her that is confidential. She grabs him and screams that he needs to tell her before she hurts him. She can take him down and he knows it. He tells her there is the possibility of something but she has to ask Jason. He sneaks to the door and dashes off. Later, Jason arrives. He tells her she needs to sit down. Her son is still alive.


Maxie goes to the hospital to dig dirt on Ellie. Ellie sees Maxie and comments the wedding was one of the best dates of her life. Later, she and Spin spent the evening together at the observatory. Maxie worries they had sex, which to Ellie seems like Maxie might still like Spin. Isn’t her husband, the wrench murderer, in jail? Maxie does not want Spin to get hurt again. Ellie knows all about their history and thinks it is great that Maxie and Spin can be friends now that they are both in relationships. Maxie assures her being friends with Spin is the last thing she wants. Spin arrives to take Ellie on a picnic. Ellie hopes she and Maxie can do girl talk again. She and Spin leave.

Anna returns home but her door is ajar. She pulls a gun out on the intruder. Duke turns around and she is in shock.


Heather shows up at Steve’s with the baby.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Duke asks Anna, "Aren’t you pleased to see me?"

Manning tells McBain, "If you think there was some kind of a baby switch than you are crazier than …" McBain cuts him off and yells, "Stop talking!"

"Sam, you were right the whole time," Jason says. "Your son is alive."

Heather tells Steve, "If anything happens to me, no one will ever see that baby again."

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- Hollie Deese

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