Magical Mystery Tours.

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Dante looks for Joe, Sonny wonders how to commit Kate, and Connie and Johnny spend their first night as man and wife.

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Olivia and Steve get home with takeout after the disastrous wedding. She is pretty sure a judge will not grant her the ability to commit Kate because of her magical mystery tours. She is worried the hallucinations will keep happening and Steve thinks maybe they are premonitions, not hallucinations. She does not want to predict the future. Although she is seeing something – the two of them in the bed together. They run off to make it come true.


Alexis returns to The Haunted Star, but there is just Sonny and a bottle. He wants to know how to get Kate legally committed. She informs him he has no legal standing. And Olivia, well, she has her own issues with mental health. They can’t arrest her because Kate has already been charged and released. Sonny just wants to get her away from Johnny. Alexis asks what triggered this and he tells her Kate found out about Trey. Joe Jr. is the reason Sonny lost Kate when they were kids and the reason he lost her tonight.


At PCPD Michael pounces on Trey and starts beating him. Kristina pulls him off and screams that Trey saved her life! The cops break it up. Trey tells him that Kate is his mother but Michael knows – he and Sonny figured it out. Why didn’t Trey tell them first? Kate was so horrible to Trey, he didn’t want it to be true. Maybe it was really Connie? Michael informs them the wedding was a freak show. Sonny and Alexis arrive at PCPD and Sonny attacks Trey. Michael and Kristina convince him that Trey saved her life. Trey loves his dad but can’t defend him after all this. He is so sorry for everything. Later, they discuss how to get Kate committed and realize their options are slim. Alexis eyes Trey.

Dante demands to come in at the Quartermaine estate while Joe begs Tracy to hide him. Alone, Tracy opens the door. Dante shows her a picture, but she acts like she does not know him. Dante is surprised since a witness saw him over there. She suddenly remembers, Joseph, her antique dealer. Dante informs her that he tried to kill his sister. She doesn’t believe it. Dante assures her that Joe abducted her, held her at gunpoint and was going to kill her because he thought he would get her money. His son Trey is married to her, and Trey shot Joe trying to save her. Behind a door Joe looks worried. Tracy tells Dante to go get his warrant as she points to where Joe is. Dante opens the door but Joseph is gone. Later, Dante admires her for doing the right thing. She locks up the doors after Dante leaves and cries over Joe’s medal. She rips the chain and declares it the last time Joseph will lie to her.


In their hotel room, Connie chugs some champagne and regrets not grabbing the whole case. She is ready to make this marriage official. He denies her, but she reminds him she took the rap for him and he gets a kick ass wife as a bonus. Besides, he got great reviews for the last performance. He doesn’t want her, he wants Carly. He changed for her. He just wanted to run his club and earn an honest living and go home to Carly and Joss. It was a dream come true and now it is gone. Connie accuses him of lying to himself. She can accept him and never have to pretend he is someone else with her. She encourages him to make the best of the situation and he agrees. Maybe he will have her committed. If he does, she will tell the cops he is a baby killer. Now she is going to bed and if he wants to join her, she has sex toys. Later, Johnny looks at a picture of Carly with sadness. Then he looks up how to institutionalize your spouse.

At Todd’s, Carly can’t believe he didn’t tell her about Johnny’s cheating. She is devastated. Todd admits he saw them going at it on the secret footage from the camera he installed. He couldn’t tell her because she never wanted to hear it. He also didn’t want to be the one who hurt her. Carly apologizes. She is mad at herself, not Todd. He told her all along she was too smart to trust Johnny’s lies. She still thinks there has to be some big secret and that is why he is doing this. She starts crying and Todd holds her. He won’t let her leave so upset and sets up the couch for her to sleep on. He is here for her and is not going anywhere.

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