Try Not To Scream.

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Todd promises to get revenge for Starr, Johnny tells Carly that he loves Connie, and Tea and John make a startling discovery.

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At The Haunted Star Sonny begs Kate to come back to him. Connie fools him for a minute, then mocks him for thinking his love could wake Kate up. She informs him that when Kate found out about her unwanted brat she went on a permanent vacation. Kate and Trey had a confrontation and Trey told Kate he wanted nothing to do with her. Ever since, Kate has been gone. Connie would have left but ruining his wedding was too delicious to resist. He assures Connie they will have her committed and Kate will come back. She reminds him that Johnny is the only one who can commit him. He refuses to let her leave with that rat Johnny. She tells him they will see about that.

In his office, Carly begs Johnny to tell her the truth. He tells her he has and all he can tell her now is he is sorry. How the hell could he be going behind her back with Connie? She knew something was going on but she did not listen to her instincts. She begs to know why he married Connie. He tells her it is because he loves Connie. He tried to be a better guy but he couldn’t. Connie did not ask him to change his life to prove himself. Carly wishes he would have ended things with her first. She thinks he is still lying but truth or now, he is scum and it is truly over between them. Connie calls out for Johnny and Carly leaves him to lie in the bed he made with his crazy wife.

Johnny joins Connie and Sonny and she begs him to help her or face the alternative. Johnny orders Sonny to releases his wife or he will call the cops and have him put in jail for kidnapping. Sonny pleads with Johnny to get out of the way to help an obviously sick woman. He can’t help Sonny and leaves with Connie.


On the phone in his hotel room Todd demands his PI find Heather. Starr walks in and wonders what is going on. She thinks he should concentrate on an enemy closer to home - the person who killed Cole and Hope. Connie is back and today was the first time she could confront her. She thought Johnny was her friend, but he knew the whole time the person who took her family was out there and he was sleeping with her. He married her! She put her faith in Johnny and he lied to her. What other secrets could he be hiding? Todd promises her the person who killed Cole and Hope will suffer at his hands. Starr agrees, and leaves. Later, Carly arrives and smacks Todd across the face. What kind of friend wouldn’t tell her the truth? She almost trusted him!

John knocks on Tea’s door and she is surprised to see him. He tells her there is something serious they need to talk about. It is about the baby. She gets upset and goes to get him – the nanny let him sleep far too long. She returns, frantic. Her son is missing! She reveals that the nanny is the woman who saved Victor the night she died. John shows her a picture if Heather. She is no nanny. She is crazy. Tea freaks out while John puts out an APB.


At Alexis’ house Jason tells Sam he has been working on something important. Suddenly Trey brings in Kristina. She tells them Trey’s dad tried to kill her. Jason asks who his dad is and Trey tells him it is Joe Scully Jr. Kristina tells them Trey saved her. Dante shows up and Trey tells him Joe got shot in the struggle. He hands over the gun. Dante tells all of them the wedding didn’t happen. Connie is in control and married to Johnny. Trey wonders if Connie was around a few days ago. Dante wants to focus on finding Joe. Jason knows Joe and Tracy are more than friends and Dante leaves to check it out. He instructs Kristina and Trey to get down to the station. John calls Jason and tells him the baby is missing.


Joe shows up at Tracy’s house, bleeding. He swears he did nothing but still won’t let her call the police. He tells her Sonny sent men to kill him. She goes to get Monica and he asks if she will be discreet. She assures him Monica will take out an ad. He asks Tracy to remove the bullet instead. She patches him up. He tells her he will treasure the bullet like he treasures her. This is as close to heaven as he will ever see. He begs her to hide him. She agrees and suddenly Dante pounds on the door.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia tells Steve, "I don’t know what is real and what isn’t."

Connie tells Johnny, "Lose the attitude Johnny or I am going to send your little butt to the slammer."

Sonny tells Alexis, "You told me you were going to find a way to have Connie legally committed."

Joe begs Tracy, "You have to hide me."

Kristina screams out as Michael attacks Trey, "Michael stop!"

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- Hollie Deese

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