Too Good To Resist.

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Tracy makes a decision, Sonny and Kate’s wedding is off, and shots are fired at the warehouse.

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At The Haunted Star, Connie tells Sonny in front of everyone that she is already married to Johnny. She is really Connie and Kate stood him up at the altar, literally. Sonny thought she was integrated but Connie jokes about what a great shrink Keenan turned out to be. She pinches Johnny’s cheek and encourages him to tell them all that they have been hooking up for months. Reluctantly, Johnny tells them that everything Connie says is true. Connie pulls out the marriage license from her cleavage and Alexis confirms it is real. Connie walked down the aisle just to see Sonny eat dirt on his wedding day. Sonny starts pounding Johnny’s face before it is broken up. Starr looks sick and attacks Connie for killing her family, then screams at Johnny for marrying her before Michael takes her away. Ellie tells Spin this is the kind of first date you tell your grandkids about! Sonny assures Connie the shrinks are going to beat her down until Kate comes back to him. She mocks him – only Johnny can have her committed. Carly smacks Johnny in the face and stomps off. He runs after her. Sonny and Alexis discuss the possibility of Olivia having Connie committed. Dante gets a call about shots fired at Sonny’s warehouse. Sonny dismisses everyone, and Max and Milo clear the room except for Connie. Through tears, Sonny tries to reach through to Kate.

In Johnny’s office, Carly guesses there is more to this story and he has to tell her what it is.

Trey arrives at his father’s motel room and looks around for clues to his whereabouts.


At the coffee warehouse Joe tells Kristina he is sorry she has to die but the payoff is too good to resist. She begs him to let her live and she will give him and Trey whatever they want. He gives her credit for fighting to the end but he wants Sonny to grieve. He cocks his gun as Trey barges in and throws himself in front of Kristina. Joe blames Sonny and Kate for everything bad that happened to them. To lose Kristina on their wedding day is poetic justice. He points the gun at Trey and demands he get out of the way. Trey doesn’t want the money. He loves the way he grew up. All that mattered was that every day Joe was there in his shop. Trey wrestles his dad for the gun and it goes off. Joe is shot and Trey is instantly remorseful. Joe pushes him away and runs off. Trey unties Kristina and they hold each other.


At the Quartermaine estate Tracy tells Monica that things with Joe are complicated. Tracy told him it was over and Monica guesses that was short-lived and that Tracy had sex with him. Tracy admits she couldn’t help herself. She knows Joe to be gentle and sweet and he left that life behind. Monica thinks she has too many miles on her to be that naïve and demands she get rid of that man or she will tell Edward everything. Tracy agrees to cut all ties with him and send the medal back via mail. She leaves and suddenly Joe busts in.

At Alexis’ house, Sam is wary that Liz will just walk away from Jason. She admits Jason will always be in her heart but she manipulated Sam into getting her divorce. She and Jason only kissed twice and he stopped them both times. Liz made sure to tell Lulu exactly what she wanted Sam to hear, and it was all a lie. She tried to convince Jason that Sam was in a relationship with John but couldn’t go through with it. She has lied to too many people. Sam tells her she is in no position to judge and is grateful Liz told her the truth. Liz assures her that soon Sam will get back everything she lost.


At the penthouse John asks Jason if he is sure about the DNA results. He is. John anticipates Tea’s lawyerly objections. They will have to do this by the book and need evidence that the dead baby is Tea’s son. John needs to ask Tea’s permission to exhume and is nervous. Jason offers to go with and be the bad guy. John hopes Manning can explain to her from his jail cell some day. Jason had hoped to wait to tell Sam but it doesn’t feel right to let her continue believing the baby is dead.

John arrives in Llanview with the paternity test results and knocks on Tea’s door.

Jason visits Sam at Alexis’ house. She tells him Liz told him the truth about them not being together. He asks if that is all. She wonders what else there is.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam asks, "Kristina, what happened?" She replies, "Trey's father tried to kill me."

Tracy asks Joe, "What did you do to get yourself shot?" He replies, "Nothing."

Carly asks Johnny, "What is it that Connie can give you that no other woman can?"

Kate asks Sonny, "What’s happening?"

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- Hollie Deese

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