A Wedding For The Books.

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Olivia is on to Connie, Trey confesses to Kristina, and the town gathers for Sonny and Kate’s wedding.

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Michael picks up Starr at her apartment for the wedding. Trey and Kristina hang back. He tells her that Kate is his mom and his dad is Joe Scully Jr. She realizes he manipulated her to use her against her own family. He admits his dad wanted them to marry to get revenge on Sonny. But he doesn’t know the rest of the plan. He told his dad he wanted out. When they made love he meant every word he said. Upset, Kristina leaves for the wedding alone and is grabbed outside her apartment.

Johnny arrives at Carly’s house and tells her Kate wants him at the wedding. She insists on going with him. He tells her to never forget he loves her.

Liz listens to John and Jason talk about Sam’s baby outside the penthouse. She enters as John leaves and Jason tells her the lab tech is positive the baby is not Sam’s but he won’t exhume the body. She finds the divorce papers. She lies that she found out at the party that Sam is dating John. He is just sad she will never get the chance to be a mom. He signs the papers and thanks Liz for being honest with him. She breaks down and tells him she lied to him. Sam saw them kiss and she made Sam believe Jason had moved on with her. She cries – this is not the person she wants to be. She only did it because she cared about him so much. He turns to leave and she tells him there is more. It is about Sam’s baby.


Alexis preps for the wedding at home and warns Shawn there may be gunfire. Sam is not going. Later, John arrives to pick up a note Natalie left with Alexis. She has met someone else. He is going to keep fighting for his son, but his relationship is over. Sam tells him she dropped off her divorce papers. She thought there was hope and now it is gone. John wonders what comes next. They pour a couple of drinks, but John thinks it may be a bad idea. The tension mounts and they kiss.

Olivia and Steve meet Dante and Lulu at The Haunted Star for the wedding. Olivia rushes off to see Kate while Lulu tells Steve that Olivia had another hallucination. Meanwhile, Max warns Milo to keep quiet with Sonny. Sonny overhears and demands to know what they are talking about. Max tells him it is a wedding surprise. Sonny does not want any surprises today. Maxie pulls Lulu aside and tells her how she went to tell Spin she loved him and saw him asking a girl out. Later, she sees Spin and Ellie together and gets upset. Alone, Spin tells Ellie about his history with Maxie but that they are over.

In her dressing room at the club, Connie picks out a short dress. She slaps on some red lipstick and declares it will be a wedding for the books, thanks to Johnny. Olivia grabs Connie after watching her get ready. She is sure it is Connie. Later, Olivia apologizes to Connie for not believing and gives her their Nonna’s blue lace handkerchief. Connie is not impressed. Suddenly, Sonny comes in to see his bride-to-be and Olivia leaves. He asks about her fight with Trey and wonders if she is leaving anything out. She tells him Trey said horrible things about Sonny and she did not want to upset him. She kicks him out so she can finish getting ready. Olivia returns and Connie asks to be alone. Olivia looks in the trash and sees Nonna’s handkerchief.


Back at the party, Sonny is surprised to see Johnny and Carly. Johnny leaves to check on something in the back. Alexis arrives and Sonny reminds her he wants to keep the truth about Trey from Kate until after the wedding. Spin wonders where Jason is. Olivia pulls Steve outside and tells him that something is up with Kate and it is not good.

Johnny visits Connie in her room and tells her it is not too late to change her mind. He begs her to leave Carly out of it. Lulu walks in on them fighting.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Johnny grabs Connie and tells her, "I will not let you do this!"

Olivia overhears Steve telling Dante, "Olivia might have to be treated at Shadybrook."

Trey arrives at the wedding and Michael asks him, "Where is Kristina?" Trey replies, "Kristina isn’t here?"

Alexis calls Kristina again and asks, "Where are you, the wedding is about to start?" A scared Kristina replies, "Mom?"

Sam and John make out.

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- Hollie Deese

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