Relationship Suicide.

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Heather and John meet in jail, Carly can tell Todd is hurting, and Starr tells Johnny she is lucky to have him.

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At Kelly’s, Ewen tells Liz he got mixed up with something and was not prepared for the consequences. He ignores his phone, but then hers rings. It is Steve looking for Ewen – Olivia is awake. Ewen and Liz agree to talk later.


In her hospital room, Steve kisses Olivia’s hand and she starts to wake up. He tells her Keenan is on his way. She calls him Steven Lars and he is shaken. Ewen comes in and asks Olivia some questions and she cries a bit as she remembers what happened. They assure her she is going to be fine. Outside, Liz asks Ewen to finish their conversation. He gets a text from Jerry telling him to keep Liz out of it. He tells Liz he could be about to commit relationship suicide, but he really cares about her and hopes they can continue to see each other. Inside, Olivia asks Liz for a mirror and she sees Heather looking back at her.


At the club, Starr tells Trey his secret is safe with her. Johnny walks in and wonders what the secret might be. Trey tells him it is none of his business, but Johnny thinks it involves Kristina. Trey tells him he scrapped the show because he did not want to hurt Kristina. Trey leaves to meet Kristina and Starr refuses to tell Johnny anything. She wants to know why he cares about her - what is he holding back? He wants to tell her what really happened about her family, but Starr cuts him off. She knows what happened and he has to stop blaming himself. She was lucky to have her family for the time she did and now she is lucky to have him as a friend. She wants to put all this blame behind them.


Sam is outside Alexis’ house with McBain when Dante shows up to arrest him for hitting Todd. John agrees to go willingly and Sam will bring Alexis. Inside, Kristina tells Alexis that Trey might surprise her and she jokes about doing a background check. Sam busts in and tells Alexis John needs help. Alexis warns her about the complications and Sam tells her she is already involved. They head out to the police station. Later, Trey comes by. He knows Alexis thinks he is just out to hurt her and she is not the only one. Kristina tells him she will talk to Johnny but he wants to handle it. She has a lot of people looking out for her, but she knows he is nothing like Kiefer. He tells her not to be so sure about that. He would never hit her but he is far from perfect. She is looking for someone real. They start making out. Later, they go swimming then come in and make out again.


At PCPD, Delores tells Heather the van to Ferncliff is coming for her. Later, Dante brings in John. He pulls John aside and wants to speak with Todd to see if he will drop the charges as a thanks for saving Lulu. Heather has listened to the whole exchange and wants to compare notes on Todd. She has info about Todd he would be interested in knowing. Sam walks in and she tells John she would also be interested. Heather asks Alexis to be her lawyer. She can pay. If she takes her on and gets the charges dropped she will tell them what she knows about Sam’s baby. Alexis refuses but Sam wants to do it. Delores takes Heather off to Ferncliff. Alexis wants to make sure John is not going to be a problem and he agrees.


In his office, Todd throws the picture of John and Sam on the floor. Heather calls - she hopes he has not been ignoring her. She wants Tea as a lawyer. Or maybe Alexis – just think of the dirt Sam could dig up. He tells her Jason would kill her and she agrees, but he’ll kill Todd first. She tells him she warned him and hangs up. Carly walks in and can tell he was in a fight. She picks up some papers and finds the picture of Sam and John. He tells her he is starting a fan club, McSam Forever. She wonders why he has not printed it and thinks he is protecting Sam. She sees the good in him, but he denies there is any good in him. Dante arrives and wants to give Todd a chance to drop the charges on John, but he just laughs. Carly thinks he is lashing out because Blair is engaged. He should move on and he asks what he has to move on to. She is as close to a friend he has ever had and he does not want to alienate her. She thinks he is complicated.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam confides in Kristina about her feelings for John.

Joe Jr. makes an offer to Johnny.

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