Crisis Of Confidence.

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Sonny and Alexis give Jason and Sam marital advice, Lulu and Dante reconnect, and Kristina and Trey get closer.

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Dante wants to know if Lulu doesn’t think they can make it to forever. She thinks she must have had a crisis of confidence because they were fighting all the time. He admits he is not blameless. They can disagree but it does not mean they don’t love each other. She is worried she is better off alone. That’s not what she wants, but she is terrible at the good wife thing. She likes taking risks, feeling adrenaline. It feels so safe with Dante. Does she think their marriage is boring? She grabs his hands – she loves being married to him. He takes her hands and promises to support all her dreams like she does for him. If she is willing to work he thinks they will have an amazing life together. She loves him, but the forever word scares her. He wishes he could give her a guarantee but there isn’t one. She has to take that leap of faith and know he will catch her. He wants to spend every day he can with her and if it turns into forever, then even better. They head for the bed.


At the hospital, Ewen is approached by Liz while he is on the phone with his mystery boss. She overhears him say no one knows they are working together. He tells her he is caring for a celebrity - he is very discreet. She asks about Patrick. She is worried because his grief is a way of keeping Robin with him. Ewen is feeling guilty about Patrick. Sometimes you do things because you have to. She understands why he feels helpless because what has happened to Patrick and Emma is tragic. Ewen wishes he could fix it. Patrick has been a good friend to him and he is the reason Liz has agreed to go out with him again. He asks her to lunch and she agrees. Sometimes you don’t see what is in front of you.


Outside Kelly’s Sam thinks about her encounter with Jason at the newspaper. Alexis comes busting out and runs into her. Alexis wonders if Sam knew that Shawn had a girlfriend. She assumed he had a few. They sit down and Sam tells her "Mob Princess" is shut down, but not to count on Trey going anywhere. Kristina likes him and they think he shut down the show to be with her. Sam tells Alexis they talked about her and Jason. Alexis asks how things stand between them and Sam tells her they don’t. Whatever happened caused a distance between them they can’t get past. She tells Alexis Jason saw her kissing McBain, then he kissed Elizabeth. Alexis asks her flat out if she wants to divorce Jason. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is let someone go. Alexis offers to represent her for free.


At The Floating Rib Jason thinks about his encounter with Sam. Sonny arrives and tells him about his visit with Joe – he threatened his kids by name. He wants tighter security without the kids knowing. Sonny tells him that Kristina is worried about him and Sam. Jason thinks there are some things you can’t get past. He has tried to talk to Sam but something always happens. Just then, Liz and Ewen walk in. Ewen shakes Sonny’s hand and they grab a table. Liz apologizes for the awkwardness. Sonny asks Jason if there is something going on with him and Elizabeth, and he spills about kissing her and Sam kissing McBain. Sonny reminds Jason that no matter what, Sam is still his wife. If he can’t make it work, call it quits now for everyone’s sake. Jason can’t divorce her. He just wants the pain to stop. Jason wants to know more about Joe Jr. Sonny is sure he already has a plan in place to move against his kids.


While they are making out at his apartment, Trey assures Kristina he meant every word and wants to go to the bedroom. They kiss again, but she pushes him off. She hasn’t been with anyone since her high school boyfriend – he used to beat her. She thought she loved him but he put her in the hospital once. She has not trusted anyone since. Trey assures her he would never hit her. She believes him but is not ready to sleep with him. She just needs time to feel safe with him. He wants to take it as slow as she wants. She wonders what his father will think about the show. Trey assures her his dad will be thrilled if he has a chance with her. Later, Trey tells Joe that Kristina doesn’t deserve to be used like this. Joe makes him promise he will marry Kristina.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

John McBain makes a horrifying discovery.

Sam confronts Todd.

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