Opposite Of Tons Of Fun.

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Shawn and Alexis think about each other, Lulu and Dante discuss the letter, and Ewen treats Patrick.

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Alexis looks for her phone at the Floating Rib and gets distracted thinking about Shawn’s abs. She asks the bartender if there is a lost and found and the bartender turns out to be Mac. Coleman hired him as the new bartender and he heard she is back in the strip-pool saddle and hustling Shawn. Coleman gave him a play by play in vivid detail. Shawn though she was uptight so she proved him wrong. She asks about Felicia and he is happy. They are taking it slow. Mac thinks she deserves to be happy and if she lowers her guard someone will snatch her up. He urges her to ask Shawn out and she remembers his abs again. She is going to make the leap.


At Kelly’s, Shawn is so distracted thinking about Alexis taking off her shirt he spills orange juice. TJ thinks uptight Alexis got to him. Shawn sets him straight – Alexis is not uptight. She deserves his respect, not his judgment. Shawn remembers the shots he did with her and TJ leaves for school. Alexis arrives just before a woman runs in and starts making out with Shawn.


Liz and Steve go to Kelly’s for breakfast. She wants him to take a break from the hospital and assures him Ewen is going to take good care of Olivia. He just wants to be there when she wakes up. Liz has faith in Ewen and Steve wonders if things are getting serious. Patrick put things in perspective for her, how difficult every second is after losing Robin. She may have taken Ewen for granted. She is surprised Ewen even wants to try after her mixed signals.


At the hospital Ewen looks over a sleeping Patrick. He tells Patrick his is sorry he had to take Robin away from him. Lulu overhears. Ewen ushers her out as Patrick wakes up. Patrick grabs a picture of Robin. Outside, Keenan screams at Lulu for busting in. She should know better than stop by during therapy. He apologizes and goes back to Patrick, who is having detox symptoms. Ewen tells Patrick he lost someone close to him and was devastated. Patrick thanks him for everything. Ewen steps outside to take a call and he tells whoever it is that Robin Scorpio was transferred safely and no one knows they are working together. Liz walks up as he is on the phone.


Dante steps off the elevator at the hospital and wonders why Lulu is there and not by Luke’s room. She tells him about Patrick’s drug problem and he wishes she would not keep something like this from him. They have issues on the backburner they need to deal with. She agrees and suggests they go home. When they are there he pulls out the forged letter from Luke. Why did she lie to him? If he read the letter it should be obvious why she did not share it. He wonders if she sees some truth in it, the fact they can’t be forever. He thinks something in that letter struck a chord and she admits it made her wonder a little bit about him and her.


At his apartment, a shirtless Trey goes over his dad’s plan in his head. Kristina arrives and he tells her she deserves to know why he is walking away from the show. Trey did not want to involve her but she assures him he can trust her. He tells her his dad is in some trouble, and he will be okay, but he could have lost him. That got him thinking that if they moved forward with the show she could lose her dad too. He couldn’t live with himself if he cost her her family. Now the show is over and nothing is in their way. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her since their kiss. He wants to be with her. She is ecstatic and they kiss.


In his jail cell Joe Jr. hopes Trey is doing his job. Sonny arrives and wants to take a trip down memory lane. He wants to know how Joe found out about Kate’s pregnancy. Joe tells him that he made one last stop in the neighborhood and saw father O’Brien. He told him about Connie’s pregnancy. He was concerned and thought Joe deserved to know since he was the father. He heard she was at a boarding house so he went looking for her. Connie had disappeared and had run out on her bill. The only thing left behind was her son’s body in a drawer. Sonny wants the name of the boarding house and the woman who ran it. Joe wonders how Sonny would he feel if someone killed one of his children? If he thought Joe would kill one of his kids he would take him out permanently.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Elizabeth may be in danger.

Trey tries to get closer to Kristina.

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