Flipped On The Griddle.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Alexis butts in on Molly’s date, Joe hatches a plan for Trey, and Jason helps Sam.

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Molly and TJ arrive at the Metro Court for dinner, but have trouble getting a table for two when there are four of them. Alexis and Shawn are there to join them. Molly realizes Alexis is worried they are going to sneak off and get a room. TJ promises her they are just going to have a nice dinner and prove she can trust them. Shawn and Alexis agree to have a drink somewhere else. TJ looked the menu up online and she is impressed. She has been feeling left out at home and appreciates all the effort he put into dinner. They wonder what is taking Alexis and Shawn so long.


Shawn and Alexis grab a drink at the Floating Rib. He accuses her of being uptight. He thinks the reason she is so worried is because sex makes her uncomfortable. She asks him if an uptight woman would play strip pool at the Floating Rib? Coleman backs her up but Shawn doesn’t believe her. He agrees to go a round, which she wins. He takes off his shirt and racks the balls. He wins the next one and she has to take off her shirt, to much hooting from Coleman. They keep playing and the clothes keep coming off. Shawn and Alexis do a shot and he admits she is not uptight. They realize they are late getting the kids and she dashes off.


Trey is with Joe at his cell. Joe wants Trey to bring down Sonny on the inside by marrying Kristina. Sonny’s family is living high off the empire that should be theirs. Trey is not interested in the money. Joe would be lying if it was just about the money. He wants payback. Trey agrees, but does not want to involve Kristina. He likes her and the last thing he wants to do is take advantage of her. Joe gets upset - he is family, not Kristina. He gave Trey the best of him and now he needs something in return – reclaim what is theirs.


At the warehouse, Kristina is looking for Trey. Sonny senses there is something wrong and they sit down to talk. He misses her and wants to spend more time with her. She thinks maybe he is right about Trey, that he is only interested in the show. Sonny wonders if she wants to be in a relationship with a guy who cares more about a reality show than her. He wants her to value herself. She is not so sure anymore the show is what she wants. Trey shows up and tells them he called the cameras off. He has been thinking "Mob Princess" is a bad idea and they should rethink doing the show.


In his office, Johnny threatens to tell Carly what Todd did. Carly walks in and asks them what Todd did. Johnny assures Carly it was nothing – they just don’t like each other. Todd agrees, but he is going to put all his cards on the table. He planted a camera in Johnny’s office to dig up dirt. Carly is very upset and wants to know what he saw. He tells her he saw her and Johnny going at it like greasy bacon being flipped on the griddle. She starts hitting him and insists he apologize to Johnny. She steps out to take a call and they agree to keep each other’s secrets. Carly comes back and Todd apologizes to her for invading her privacy. He admires everything about her other than her choice in boyfriends. If he hurt her feelings, he is very sorry. She accepts his apology. After he leaves she hopes the craziness can be over between Todd and Johnny.


Sam is working on the safe in Todd’s office when Jason comes in. He wants to know if this job is a cover while she investigates Todd. She wonders why he cares and he shouts back she is still his wife. Todd is dangerous and he does not want to see her on his bad side. Carly told him Todd was at the baby’s funeral. She then tells him that Todd kept a clipping about her baby’s death. She admits she is investigating Todd. She thinks Heather has something on Todd and vice versa - a mutual extortion. She is close to opening the safe and he offers to cover for her. Todd shows up just as she gets it. They pretend like Jason just arrived and Sam is upset to see him. Todd wonders if Jason is such good friends with Carly, why doesn’t he tell her she can do better than Johnny? Alone, Sam thanks Jason before he leaves. Inside his office, Todd can see his safe was tampered with.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Liz catches Ewen on a mysterious call.

Sonny wants answers from Joe Jr.

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- Hollie Deese

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