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Monday, July 30th, 2012

Kate wonders about her baby, Johnny tells Todd what he knows, and Kristina asks Sam for advice.

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At the warehouse, Sonny calls Max to see if a trial date has been set for Joe Jr. - he must have justice. Kate walks in and he assures her he just wants to be informed of what is going on with his trial. She is unsure he will be satisfied with that but he promises not take matters into his own hands. She tells him that she threatened to evict Todd if he did not give back Crimson immediately but he refused. She doesn’t know how to sway him. Sonny wants to pay for her to start another magazine but she does not want to build one from scratch. She is making progress with Keenan but has to face abandoning her baby. It comforts her to think someone found him and gave him a better life. Deep down she knows he did not survive because no one knew she was pregnant but Joe Jr.


Trey visits Joe in jail and assures him no one knows he is his son. He wants Sonny to pay for what he has done to Joe, who tells him Sonny stole his father, his girl and his birthright. He and his father would have been close if it weren’t for Sonny. Trey thinks he was smart to walk away from that life. Joe is upset Sonny walked away with his father’s empire, worth millions. Dirty or not, it’s his. Trey doesn’t care about the money – he just wants Joe to go free. Joe wants Trey to get close to Kristina. Sonny is ruthless. If you want to bring down the king, you have to marry the princess.


Todd calls Carly from Johnny’s office but hangs up when Johnny tells him he knows what he did to Sam’s baby. Johnny breaks it down for him: The day before the storm hit, Dante told him Anthony’s body was missing. Johnny was upset because he has worked too hard to plant it. His men saw Heather take off with the body so they followed her. They saw everything - Todd came up with the baby, Sam came up with her baby, Todd swapped babies, Tea showed up, Todd gave her Sam’s baby, and Heather putting the dead baby in the planter’s box. What they both did was unforgivable, so what are they going to do about it? Todd doesn’t care anymore. He just wants Carly and Starr to know who Johnny really is.


Jason and Carly chat at Metro Court when Todd calls. She tells Jason Todd is in a bad place because of Blair getting married to someone else. Jason wonders why they are friends. Does she know anything about this guy? He has a history of violence. He has taken hostages, shot someone who pissed him off. She knows she has a tendency to see things the way she wants them to be, but not this time. She is not stupid and Todd is just interesting to talk to. He was so kind to Sam after the baby died. Jason wonders why Todd would care about Sam’s baby. She tells him about the job and Jason is confused – Sam would never give up being a PI. He thinks she is working a case. Carly thinks Sam might appreciate to hear his concern.


Sam only needs one more number to crack open the safe in Todd’s office when Kristina walks in. She wants her to leave early, grab coffee and talk about Trey. She wants to be with him even though Sonny thinks he is keeping a secret. Sonny doesn’t know anything about him but Sam doesn’t think Kristina really does either. Maybe Trey is holding something back. Kristina thinks Trey shares her feelings and she thought he was going to change his mind but then he started acting different. He was upset when his dad called and has been distracted ever since. She just wants Trey to go out with her. Sam thinks Trey does not deserve her if he can’t see how amazing she is. Kristina leaves and Sam jumps back on the safe. Jason comes in.


Starr shows up at the club looking for Johnny. Michael arrives and they talk about their dinner with Sonny and Kate. They think Sonny took things pretty well, but Starr is worried Todd is going to ruin it. The truth is Michael doesn’t care what their families think because nothing will stop them. He wants to focus on school because he has to declare a major. He thought he would work for Sonny but he forbade it. Michael knows what it means and what it costs and the thinks he would be good at it, but there are trade-offs. She offers to help him study but he is not sure how much studying they will actually get done.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly might learn about Todd and Johnny’s secrets.

Jason offers to help Sam.

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