Anyone Got A Plan C?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Heather stabs Olivia, Johnny unloads his guilt on Connie, and Anna makes it to the shack.

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Starr and Michael go back to the club to look for the flower he gave her. Tonight was incredible – nothing bad could possibly happen. She thinks it was good to see her parents getting along so well. His parents have been through some rough patches but seem to do well now. He knows it must be hard to hear Kate’s name. She does not want Kate to go to prison, but she can’t help but think of Cole and Hope when she sees her. They kiss, and she wants to thank Johnny for setting all this up. They head off to Johnny’s office and hear voices inside. Michael wants to leave a note in case he is with Carly. Later, he finds the flower and tells Starr how amazing she is and they kiss again.


Connie visits Johnny at his office. He thought she was gone for good, but integration only happens if the host can remember everything, no secrets. He thinks Kate might be putting on an act. He wants her to prove who she is before he talks but she lays it all on the table - he is the one who killed those kids. She assures him if Kate remembered she would have gone to the cops. She is grateful so she has a secret, which keeps her around. She needs someone to know she exists. She knows he is guilty and needs to talk to someone about it. Crying, he admits he did it. He promised himself he would not be like his dad, but he is worse. She wants to make she he does not confess or they are both dead. He agrees and she leaves.


Outside the club, Lulu thinks Patrick is lying and never stopped taking the pills. He screams he does not have a problem. Maxie calls and Lulu covers for him. He thanks her and she tells him she did it for Maxie. He thinks they are blowing it out of proportion. He is not an addict, but she knows that is where it is going. She dumps the pills in the harbor and he makes a grab for them. He tried but the pain is too much to stand. The pills make it manageable. She knows he has been high in front of Emma and he needs help. The only thing he needs is Robin and she is gone.


In his hotel room, Todd is in shock that Blair is marrying Tomas Delgado. He asks where her ring is and she pulls it out of her bag. He thinks the ring he bought her was the one she deserves – it is bigger and he is better. He knows they kissed because she loves him, and he is the one she wants to marry. He insists she look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t love him. She can’t - she does love him. And she did feel something when they kissed. He is under her skin and in her heart. But she is sure he will do something horrible, maybe he already has. He just thought they would always be together. So did she - he made her believe it and it was a lie. Marrying Tomas is the only choice she can make.


At the station, Anna tells Dante about the shack. She is sure that is where Luke is. Dante tells Anna that Olivia is with Heather in her room and they split up.


In Anna’s hotel room, Heather tells Olivia she is in for a bumpy trip. They struggle over the needle filled with concentrated LSD – the strongest there is. Dante busts in and Heather stabs Olivia. Dante grabs Olivia as Heather runs off.


Luke watches the flames get larger in the shack. Anna and some cops arrive and start yelling for him. She comes in to battle the flames but is knocked out from behind by Heather. This is getting so messy! Anna wakes up and punches Heather. She is one crazy bitch. Luke warns Anna about the knots but she unties them in no time. She gets him out of the shack as the cops arrive. Heather comes out aiming the gun.


At the hospital, Steve complains to Epiphany about Olivia’s crusade against his mother. Dante brings Olivia in and she is freaking out. He tells Steve what Heather did. Olivia grabs a scalpel and starts waving it around, then puts it to her throat. Steve talks her down and tells her the monster is gone. They subdue Olivia and take her off. Dante is livid with Steve for ignoring Olivia. He is legally responsible for Heather, a murderer, and he just defended her. Steve assures Dante Olivia will get the best care, but is unsure if that will be enough

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna gets life-changing news.

Someone is shot.

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