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Monday, July 16th, 2012

Todd feeds Luke, Heather gets an alibi, and Joe gets two visitors in jail.

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In his cell, Joe bribes the guard so he can call his son. After the call, Kate visits - Connie Falconeri all grown up. He admits things got a little rough that night. Connie was destroyed by what he did but he can’t hurt her anymore. He wonders if she is sure about that. He knows all about their baby. Does she ever think about him? He does. He knows what happened to him. She tells him now that he is in jail he can’t hurt anyone like he hurt her. She leaves.


At the warehouse Sonny tells Kristina he will honor the agreement he signed and show her and Trey around. He is not sure what Trey thinks he will find. Meanwhile, Trey finds his dad’s medal. His phone rings and Joe tells him he is fine and not to say a word about being his son. Trey eyes Sonny, wraps up the tour and leaves. Sonny does not think Kristina is using the smarts God gave her. Trey is hiding something! She thinks Sonny is projecting guilt. She cares about "Mob Princess." He wonders if she just cares about Trey. Trey has always been straight with her. She knows all she needs to know about him. Kate comes back and Kristina tells her she is not interested in the fashion industry and leaves. Kate tells Sonny she saw Joe.


Trey just misses Kate at the jail. Trey and Joe have an emotional reunion and Trey assures him he told no one where he was going. Joe is in on murder, but the real killer is Sonny. Trey is shocked Joe knew Sonny. Joe tells him his dad had a club and Sonny got too rough with one of the dancers. They stuffed Joe in the trunk and took him to Port Charles. Sonny would have killed him if the cops hadn’t shown up. Trey realizes that when he told his dad about Kristina, Joe knew who she was. Joe did not want Trey to know what business his grandfather was in. He did not want any part of that life. Trey knows Joe is a good man. Joe wants Trey to be afraid of Sonny – no one can ever know his name is Joseph Mitchell Scully III.


Dante visits Olivia at home. She notices he is upset about something and he admits he and Lulu are having a problem. She was late to work because of spending time with Johnny. Olivia thinks the only problem the two of them have is Johnny. He has lost his conscience and that makes him dangerous. Olivia tells Dante not to back off. Lulu is his wife and he needs to stake his claim. Surprise her with a beautiful dinner.


At the Haunted Star, Johnny asks Lulu about the investigation and she tells him Dante thinks he is involved. She told him he was off base but Dante thinks his grief is a smokescreen. He appreciates her support, but it is not worth it getting into it with Dante. It will be fine – they are just having issues. He is worried Johnny will take her down a dangerous path. And part of her wants to. She falls and Johnny catches her. Dante walks in and demands he get his hands of her wife. Dante wants her to leave with him for a nice dinner. She won’t leave and he leaves without her.


In the interrogation room, Heather assures Anna she did not bury Anthony. Why would she do something like that? Anna thinks she would do anything for Luke. Heather thinks she is projecting. Steve busts in and does not want her to speak until her lawyer comes in. Suddenly, a guy who looks like Anthony arrives and tells them he was with Heather that night. He was completely hammered. Steve tells Anna she has to release Heather and she arranges it, but assures them she will look into it. Later, Anna sees the story checks out but thinks the guy was paid off. Steve and Heather go home and Olivia is shocked she was released. She leaves Steve and Heather alone to eat the romantic meal she made.


At the shack, Todd hacks into a pineapple for Luke while wearing a mask. He wonders what Heather has gotten him into. Luke lets him know he is not into anything too kinky. He insists he have his hands untied so he can feed himself. Todd refuses and Luke wonders if Heather has something on him. They could help each other. Todd will be next, if he doesn’t help Luke. He has a daughter who needs him. Todd starts to untie Luke but Heather calls. She is a free woman and he better not mess up her plan. He pulls the gag back on Luke and leaves.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate remembers something about Johnny.

Todd freaks when he learns Blair is coming to town.

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