Stockholm Syndrome.

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Luke hallucinates, McBain pays Joe Jr. a visit, and Sonny tells Kate what happened.

Stockholm Syndrome. image

Michael visits Kristina at home to get her opinion on what to wear on his date. She slams the door in his face when she learns it is with Starr. She thinks he is rubbing his happiness in her face. She knows she is being an idiot. It has nothing to do with Starr, but with Trey. What if he isn’t interested? Michael thinks at face value Trey is attempting to be responsible, but he is trouble. She thinks she could do worse and would appreciate his support. He set up a picnic for Starr and needs to go.


At home, Trey leaves another message for Joe. Jr. He wants to make sure he is okay. Starr walks in and he starts bothering her right away. She just wants to get ready for her important night without any drama. He is upset because his dad is missing. It is weird he has not checked in. Starr can use her dad’s connections to have someone look into it. He shows her a necklace he and his dad wear, a medal for those in exile. His dad left home and never let it get him down. He is his idol. He is heading over to the warehouse with Kristina. Later, she is on the phone telling a friend she doesn’t want to mess this up – she really likes Michael. Outside, Michael pumps himself up before he knocks. He gives her flowers and asks if she is ready for this. She invites him in and they admit how nervous they are before holding hands and leaving.

In a jail cell in Atlantic City, McBain visits Joe. Joe blames McBain for painting a target on Theresa’s back. She was heading for a trailer park and a stint in rehab. He did nothing wrong, and he is going to prove it. He can’t wait to see McBain’s face when the charges are dropped. McBain tells him he is going to pay. Joe lost a medal in the warehouse. He hasn’t taken it off for 20 years. His shop is a legitimate business which he has built for 20 years. Those guys were people he helped after Katrina. He is not in the mob anymore. McBain advises him to take the plea bargain. He made a promise to his father. Joe wouldn’t know anything about that.


Kate visits Sonny at the warehouse. Sonny is upset. There is something she needs to know. He had Jason track down Joe Jr. and bring him to Port Charles. He didn’t kill him even though he wanted to. He is in Atlantic City to stand trial. She wants to see him. He does not think it is a good idea. She wants to know what he said. Joe told him she threw herself at him, that he gave her money for things she wanted that Sonny could not afford. Having sex was her idea. Joe also knows about the baby. Kristina and Trey show up. Kate is not happy to see Trey again. He apologizes but Sonny is done with the cameras. He is done dealing with Trey. Kate thinks he should give them the tour. If he had known Kate was going to be there he wouldn’t have come. Sonny pulls Kristina aside and does not want her comparing him to Trey. She agrees they are nothing alike. Trey is honest about who he is. Meanwhile, Trey finds his dad’s medal.


Anna meets with Tracy at the station. They found Anthony’s body with a suspect in custody - Heather Webber. But she has nothing physical to tie her to the body. The only evidence she has is that he was killed by the gun that had her and Luke’s prints all over it.


In the interrogation room, Todd wants Heather to have fun in the clink. She’ll reserve a cell for him unless he helps her with the alibi. All she is asking for is a little care and feeding or there is going to be another dead body on their hands. Her boyfriend is literally all tied up. Without his help he will starve. Todd is worried about showing his face, but Heather informs him he is toast either way. Todd leaves as Anna walks in. Steve is having problems finding a lawyer to take her case. She starts recording her questioning of Heather. She thinks she is in luck - Friday the 13th is her lucky day.


Luke is tied up in the shack, wondering how long he has been alone. He is sure Anna will find him. If not, he is a dead man. The door opens and Lulu comes in and gives him water. She is mad he left Tracy and Anna without an explanation. Suddenly they are there in front of him and they are mad. They don’t need him anymore. He wanted to tell them the truth. He will always love Tracy, but he fell for Anna. He was on his way to tell her but Heather clubbed him. Someone has to untie him! Anna tells him she doesn’t know where he is and needs him to send her a clue. Later, someone arrives in a hockey mask with a machete.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Joe Jr. gets a visit from Kate.

Luke could be in more danger.

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