Crazy Calling.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Heather calls Todd for help, Jason tells Sam he saw the kiss, and Patrick struggles with sobriety.

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At the hospital, Patrick thanks Maxie for helping with Emma. He wishes Robin was around. He is not sure how he can get Emma smiling again by himself. She assures him he is not alone, but wants to know he is really done with the pills. He gets defensive, then apologizes. He did not want to feel the pain and just wanted to get though the day for Emma and work. He was not depending on them. She insists he make his appointment with Keenan today. She checked, and he is working. Patrick will call to see if Keenan can fit him in. He thanks Maxie and she tells him he is not alone. Later, Patrick is feeling some withdrawal symptoms. He calls Keenan to book an appointment, but hangs up and takes a pill instead.


Sam overhears Steve talking about the kiss at Kelly’s and lays into Jason. Steve gets a call from Anna to come down to the station about Heather and leaves. She accuses Liz and of coming on to Jason. He tells Sam he is the one who kissed Liz. Plus, she is in no position to judge after what happened with McBain. He saw her kissing him on the pier. She tells him they were drunk and it didn’t mean anything. He can do whatever he wants with the ring, and with Elizabeth. Sam leaves and Liz encourages Jason to go after her. He thinks it is better this way, everything is out in the open. Their marriage died the night their baby died.


Anna brings Heather to the station for questioning. Anna tells Dante that Heather buried Anthony. Heather denies it, and Anna has her brought to a room for questioning. Anna tells Dante that when she told Johnny about the body, he did not seem upset or surprised. Dante wonders where Lulu is but Anna has not seen her. Steve comes down and Dante and Anna fill him in. Steve visits Heather in the interrogation room and she swears on her love for him that she did not murder Anthony. He asks her some questions and she did not expect this harassment from her own son. He leaves to find her a lawyer and Anna comes in to go over the night in question. They also need to do forensics. Heather insists on a phone call.


In his office, Johnny gets a bottle of booze while Todd watches on the camera. Johnny remembers Anna’s announcement about Anthony and pushes everything off his desk. Lulu walks in. He tells her Anthony’s body was found buried. Heather buried him but Anna thinks someone else is the murderer. There is an APB out on Luke. Lulu is sure he did not do it. She tells Johnny about her conversation with Luke when he and Tracy were brought in for questioning. Johnny can’t believe Lulu has known Anthony was dead this whole time and did not tell him. She begs for forgiveness. Dante thinks Johnny is a suspect, but Lulu knows he did not kill his grandfather. He thinks it is nice having Lulu around again.


Todd is watching Johnny in his office when Carly walks in, upset. He thinks she looks great but he is working. If Johnny does something newsworthy, it is his job to tell Carly about it. He complements her dress again, but really has to get back to work. They spot Heather’s purse and Todd is surprised she left it behind. The paternity results are inside. Carly defends Johnny, but he assures her the good guy thing is an act. She is really beautiful and smart and funny. Why be with a two-bit guy like Johnny? She has done worse. There was one good one, but he left. Todd thinks not so good after all. Carly thinks Johnny is good middle ground. He sees Lulu and Johnny hugging on the camera and tells Carly he has something she should see. Lulu and Johnny break apart and he tells her he is bluffing. She threatens to dig up dirt on Todd if he does not back off. Like he said, everyone has secrets.


Carly tries to get Johnny to leave work. He tells her there is an APB out on Luke. She would not be surprised if Luke wasn’t hiding in plain sight to flush out the real killer. She is sure it is a setup for whoever tried to set up him and Tracy, and they deserve it.


Todd watches Carly and Johnny making out when Sam arrives with some coffee. She apologizes for being late. Her marriage is falling apart. His phone rings with the ringtone "crazy calling, crazy calling." It’s Heather, and she needs his help with the Anthony situation or Sam will find out about the baby. She has an idea. Outside, Spin calls Sam and tells her about Heather’s arrest. Sam sees her purse and wonders what is inside.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Epiphany tells Patrick someone is stealing pills.

Todd finds the paper in Heather’s purse.

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