Bring It On Lady Liberty.

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Sam and McBain commiserate, Lulu and Maxie look guilty, and Anna is getting closer to Heather.

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Patrick and Maxie bring Emma home with a skinned knee. She misses her mommy and he takes her to her room. Lulu shows up and wants to know what happened when Maxie confronted Patrick. told her they were acetaminophen but she kept one of the pills to find out for sure. Patrick walks in and Lulu wishes him a happy Fourth. Emma is asleep. He gets a text and tells them it is the hospital. He steps out and pops a pill on the porch. Maxie hands the pill to Lulu. They look it up online when Patrick walks in. They jump up and he asks what they are doing going on. They act like they were shoe shopping and he checks on Emma. Lulu and Maxie go outside and talk about how the pill is an amphetamine. Lulu tells her she has to say something. Patrick comes out and the fireworks start. Lulu tells him they need to talk.


Jason arrives at the warehouse to handle the cleanup. Sonny tells him McBain stopped it from happening. Joe is a liar and a coward and swore Kate came on to him. Sonny had the finger on the trigger when McBain walked in. Sonny asked him to look away but he refused. Sonny fills Jason in about Joe’s confession to McBain about killing Theresa. It was John’s fault for being a fed. Sonny thinks there is more to it, but John should have known better than approach her in public. Jason can relate to what John is going through. It is his fault Sam’s baby died. He could not promise to accept the baby before it was too late. Besides, what was going on with Sam and John is still happening. He doesn't know how they got to this place. Maybe he is hurting her by hanging on. Sonny doesn't think Sam knows what she wants. Jason has to accept what he did and what he has lost.


John is drinking at the dock when Sam shows up. She reaches out and asks him to take it easy. He offers her some but she refuses. He tells her Sonny did not kill Theresa, just took the fall for the deadbeat who did. Sam tells him he can’t blame himself, but he actually can, for good reason. He promised his dad he would help Theresa. Her boss would not let her walk away and John told her he could protect her. He begged her, but she had to think about it. She didn’t even know him, just met him once. It was a rookie move. Someone saw her talking to him and that is why they killed her. Sam rubs his back and they look at each other. She takes a swig and tells him she has been burying herself in her work. Sometimes she thinks she is doing good and then she gets blindsided by grief. Heather Webber is obsessed with her. She told Sam that Jason sent those guys to beat John up and he wonders how she knew it. He doesn’t think she should blame it on Jason but she does not want to talk about it. She doesn't want to believe that her marriage is falling apart.She gets up to leave but he doesn't want her to. They hold each other then watch the fireworks. They kiss.


Michael and Starr talk about her tennis hustle outside the boathouse. He promised her a good time and delivered. He thinks she looks hot – in a physical temperature way. She smells the barbecue and they run off to eat. After they are done eating he offers to take her out on the speedboat, but they decide to go rowing instead. She hopes he knows how to swim. Later, after falling in the lake, they eye each other as they change. Later, watching the fireworks, they kiss.


Anna is recording notes about the case outside Kelly’s when Spinelli overhears Heather’s name. Is Anna investigating her too? Heather caught him looking into her, and Ann presses for more information. She’ll take him down to the station unless he cooperates. He tells her Anna took Olivia’s car the night of the storm. She was pulled over and the officer said she was with her husband. The man was massively intoxicated. Anna wonders if he could have been Anthony. He fits the description the officer gave her. She calls the officer but he could not confirm or deny the man’s identity. Anna asks Spinelli to take her to the spot where he saw Heather. He takes her there. The K-9 unit arrives.


Heather gets back to the shack and asks Luke if he missed his little fire cracker. Nope. She brought a picnic but he is not interested in getting drugged. She has not laced iced tea in a few months. Luke lets her know they are never going to happen, but she tells him Anna has moved on. What self-respecting woman would chase after some guy who doesn’t want her? She pulls out a paper – proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. When people cross her, they get crossed out, like Sam. He wonders what she did to Sam. She’d show him, but she doesn’t trust him. To prove himself, she wants him to write a letter to Anna breaking things off. She reads it over and is displeased. He wrote in code that spell out she is holding him. She gags him and leaves. She is a patient woman. She can wait.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason catches Sam and McBain.

Starr questions Johnny.

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