Gossip Doesn’t Take Holidays.

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Joe confesses to McBain, Alexis gets an eyeful, and Todd struggles with the truth.

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Tracy is in the boathouse. She hears the door and thinks it is Luke, but it is Anna. She is not so sure Luke killed Anthony, rather Tracy is pointing the finger since she is mad at him. Neither of them has seen Luke and Tracy thinks he is shacking up with someone else. She tells Anna that she and Luke were arguing over the body in the boathouse when Padilla showed up, so they grabbed Anthony’s body, made it to the terrace and laid him on the lounge. They would have moved the body again if Heather Webber had not shown up. Heather left while they were still talking and by the time they got back out to the terrace the body was gone. Anna wonders if Heather could have moved the body. She is obsessed with Luke. Maybe she thought moving the body would help him somehow.


Molly and TJ kiss inside her bedroom. They hear someone pull up, but Molly ignores it and leaves him to change. Outside, Kristina wants to enjoy the holiday with Trey. He still wants to see what else goes on in the warehouse. Plus, he thought they had an understanding to keep it professional. She doesn’t see the problem and presses against him. Alexis shows up goes inside. Kristina agrees to go with Trey if he erases the footage of Molly. She remembers TJ is inside but it is too late. Alexis walks in on TJ changing and starts screaming. Molly runs in and tries to explain but Alexis wants her to explain to the cameras why TJ was in her bedroom. She thinks Molly was about to have sex, but Molly insists they were going to the dock. Kristina thinks Molly learned to lie from the best, and Alexis refuses to treat Kristina like an adult because she is acting like a child. TJ tries to defend Molly, but Alexis kicks him out. Alexis is not done with Molly. Outside, Trey insists they are still going to the warehouse.


At the warehouse, Sonny has a gun on Joe Jr. He is going to take pleasure in killing him. McBain suddenly arrives and apologizes for being late. Sonny thinks he has lousy timing and wants him to get the hell out but McBain wants to take Joe in. Joe accuses Sonny of killing Theresa, but Sonny denies it. There were a lot of victims at Joe’s hands, but he is going to make sure there are not going to be anymore. McBain tries to talk Sonny down. If he kills him it is murder one. Sonny agrees, but first Joe has to admit he killed Theresa. Joe admits it. Sonny thinks it is because she turned him down and it pissed him off. Joe doesn’t think McBain really wants to know the truth, but he does. Joe saw McBain talking to Theresa and did some digging. He knew McBain was a fed and that is why he killed her. She would have been fine if McBain had left her alone. Sonny urges McBain to look away and no one has to know. McBain refuses and the cops bust in. McBain reads Joe his rights and tells the cops Sonny is clean.


At the office, Todd is about to tell Sam about her baby when Heather shows up. She has her first column. It took her a while because a rat named Spinelli was following her. Stealth isn’t his strong suit. Heather demands to know what is going on. Todd was about to tell Sam something about her baby. Heather wants Sam to order Chinese food and pulls Todd inside the office. What is he thinking? He feels like hell because of what he did. Sam tries to listen at the door when the food arrives, delivered by Robert. His grandparents still talk about her wedding, the joining of the dragon and the phoenix. Inside, Todd wonders what Heather’s problem with Sam is. He thinks Sam deserves to know. Heather wonders what Starr would think of him if she knew. Sam comes in with the food and wants to hear what Todd has to say. Heather butts in and tells her it is Jason’s fault the baby died. He had McBain roughed up. It is her job to keep her finger on the pulse of the community. She doesn’t want moo shoo anymore and heads out for a BLT. Sam wonders if that was all, and Todd assures her it was. His fortune cookie reads "Like the worm in the apple, the truth will eventually be found." Sam opens hers and it says "You may yet hold happiness again."


Heather leaves Kelly’s with a BLT feast for her and Luke. She runs into Anna and wants her to wish Luke a happy Fourth for her and runs off.


Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna searches for Luke.

Sam and McBain watch fireworks by the dock.

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