Wish It All Away.

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Sonny confronts Joe Jr., Kate tries to go back to work, and Trey exposes himself to Starr.

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In the coffee warehouse, Sonny has Joe Jr. tied up. He knows better than to forget that what you do, you pay for. Now he is finally going to pay for raping Connie. Joe tries to say he was drunk, but that is always his excuse Sonny says. That night he got drunk enough to rape a teenage girl on the floor of her own home. Joe tells him they did have sex, but it was her idea. Sonny chokes Joe and demands he admit what he did so he can die with a clear conscience. If Kate was so innocent, why did she throw her baby away like garbage? Sonny wonders how Joe knows that. Joe is mad that Kate had his kid and left him for dead. If anyone is the victim, it is Joe. Sonny cocks the gun and tells Joe to say goodbye.


Kate gets to work and sees Manning Enterprises has taken over. Todd informs her she has missed a few things while dealing with killing his granddaughter. The holdings he purchased include her magazine, so he is leasing the office space. He likes it so much he leased two more floors. She wonders what he will do with the magazine, but he will not publish a non-profitable magazine. She assures him she can get it back on top. He’ll get back with her about her magazine, but not today.


At home, Trey asks Starr what happened to his clothes. Since he has no underwear, he drops his towel in front of her, then pulls on his jeans. He lied about being a neat freak. He leaves and Michael shows up with a friendly invitation – a barbecue at the Quartermaine’s. She agrees, as a friend. He warns her that the Quartermaine’s are … unique. He asks about Trey’s reaction to the clothes toss and she tells him he exposed himself. Is he allowed to be angry with him, as a friend? She gives him permission to punch him. She grabs her racquet and they leave.


TJ calls Molly from outside Kelly’s. She tells him to come over because they will have the dock all to themselves. Shawn walks up and TJ pretends it is a friend, Jose. He wants to get off work and hang out with his friends later. Shawn agrees and TJ heads over to see Molly. Inside Kelly’s Trey tries to call Joe, then runs into Kate. He wants to know what it is like to be involved with Sonny. She tells him he does not know the first thing about Sonny. How about she tell him, with Sonny, on camera? She knows the difference between a visionary and a cheap hustler. She knows he is exploiting Kristina and Sonny. He is using Kristina’s trust and he is despicable to her. He leaves with a parting dig about her shooting Anthony’s tires.


Outside Alexis’ house, Sam tells the cameras to get out of her face. Kristina comes out and apologizes. She knows Sam blames Jason, but they share a connection. Kristina wants her to forgive Jason, like a fairy tale, and wish it all away. They hug and Sam leaves. Kristina calls Trey to meet her at the house. He agrees. TJ arrives and he and Molly kiss. Kristina and the cameras walk in and Molly begs Kristina to delete it. If their mom finds out she is dead. She agrees to keep quiet and has the footage deleted. She will deal with Trey. TJ and Molly leave to change for the lake. Trey shows up and wants to go pay Sonny a surprise visit at the coffee warehouse.


Sam gets to the office and is looking around when Todd comes in. She wanted to surprise him by organizing his files. He hands her the budget sheet for Crimson, he wants her to tell him if he should keep it. If it were her, she is not sure she could spend every day side by side with someone who took a child from her life. He never lets personal feelings get in the way of turning a profit. He read about Jason and Franco. He can relate. He suggests she might be better off without the baby and she gets upset. She reads the paper too and her baby’s father is not the only crazy rapist. Would his kids be better off if he was dead? He tells her to have another. She will not be able to replace him, even if she wants to. This is the second child she has lost. Her baby was her last chance to be a mom and now he is gone. Todd gets on the ground and apologizes to Sam. There is something he needs to tell her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

In light of the holiday, ABC will air an encore of the show's April 24, 2012 episode.

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