Jerk With An Agenda.

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Heather urges Todd to fire Sam, Starr sings for Johnny and Michael, and Maxie asks Patrick about the pills.

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Alexis, Kate and Sonny prepare to enter the courtroom. Sonny is still wondering how she could confess to something she didn’t do or remember. Kristina shows up with the cameras and Alexis wants to talk off camera. Trey reminds them he has all access. Kate tells Kristina on camera that she is the one who shot out the tires. Trey jumps in – he could have Kate’s confession go viral. Sonny says she has not signed a release and has her right to privacy. Kate was not aware she did it. She has an illness, DID. Connie wanted to hurt Sonny and Alexis thinks Kristina understands perfectly. Sonny, Kate and Alexis go into the courtroom. Outside, Trey wonders why Kristina keeps sabotaging them. He is tired of making exceptions for her. Kate is celebrity. Inside, Alexis and Sonny are livid at Trey. Sonny asks Kate to come to him if Trey approaches her again. She just does not want anyone else to be falsely accused. Then, she gets a flash and remembers something.


Starr is singing in the renovated club and studio as Michael listens. Johnny comes in and when she is done he and Michael talk about how good she is. Michael thanks Johnny for helping Starr, then apologizes for blaming him for the accident. And if Carly wants him back, he is not going to judge. But if he hurts her, he is going to hurt him. They shake on it. Starr is impressed with the changes in the club and their civility with each other. Michael tells her he apologized to Johnny about blaming him for the accident. Starr wonders why Johnny is not trying to clear his name, but he does not want to hurt Kate. Starr knows she was right about her faith in Johnny. Sitting with Michael, she confesses she hates Trey. Michael thinks Trey is using Kristina, but Starr is not sure how that is Trey’s fault. He is pretending to like her to keep her interested in the show. Michael does not want him exploiting her too. She looked really beautiful when she was singing and deserves somebody who cares about her. Trey and Kristina show up with the footage of Kate’s confession.


At Todd’s office, Sam is looking for anything incriminating when Heather arrives and wonders what she is doing there. She is Todd’s new assistant. Todd comes out – he has an eye for talent. Heather pushes him in the office to talk. He better listen to her or they are both going down. Does she have to remind him what they did to her? Heather would bet every dollar that she is there to spy on them and he gave her full access. He is an idiot. His only option is to fire Sam. He tells her she has retired and wants a fresh start. Heather thinks Sam and Spinelli are playing him for a fool. He thinks back to his run-in with Spinelli and tells Heather about it. They are in big trouble and he has to get rid of her right now. She opens the door and Todd ushers Sam out, and tells her to come back tomorrow. He won’t fire her. He has a better idea. If she is right, isn’t it better to keep her close?


Spin gets to the office and Olivia is there. He lets her know Heather heard his recording and figured out Olivia hired him to find out what she did the night of the storm. She even accused Olivia of using Steve’s money to pay for him. Olivia is worried because she now has a target on her back. He calls Sam and warns her to use caution. There is no telling what Heather will do. Olivia thinks she is blackmailing Todd and Spin agrees. With Sam on the case, they will soon know. Sam shows up. Todd told her to take the day off. She overheard Heather tell him they were spies. Why wouldn’t he fire her?


Maxie drops a pill on the floor as Patrick arrives at home. He blows up at her for going through his things. She would have not thought twice about it though, if he had not gotten so angry when she had his robe on earlier. He tells her the pills are none of her business. She may be oversensitive because of her past with Lucky. She has to know if he is in trouble. He tells her they are acetaminophen, and she wonders why the bottle is not labeled. He got them at work. She apologizes and he understands why she might have jumped to conclusions. He assures her he is fine. He has to go change and pick up Emma for camp. Maxie picks up the pill she dropped.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael and Starr get closer.

Liz confronts Sam.

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