In Search Of The Cockeyed Cuckoo.

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Heather catches Spinelli, Patrick warns Ewen about Jason, and Sam gets a new job.

In Search Of The Cockeyed Cuckoo. image

Tracy goes to the police station to discuss Luke’s latest crime with Anna. First she wants to apologize. Weeks ago, she had something to say about Anthony’s murder. Anna asks how she is certain he's dead and Tracy is sure. She found his body in the boathouse the night her and Luke were arrested. She wanted to come forward but Luke insisted she not because Luke killed him. They brought the body up to the house, dressed him up and passed him off as drunk. Anna wonders if she is trying to pin the crime on Luke. Tracy is too good for a man who does not have the courage to tell her the truth in person. Anna informs Tracy she did not see him either. She doesn’t know where he is. Tracy doesn’t think he cares enough about Anna to bother. They both dodged his bullet – something Anthony couldn’t do.


Heather and Todd argue in his office while Sam and Spin listen outside. Heather shows Todd the article about Sam’s baby and asks if she has to spell it out for him. She threatens to take her story to another news outlet. Todd tells her to go kill another sugar daddy and excuses her. Spin and Sam scuttle off while Heather leaves. Sam knocks and Todd yells for her to go away. Sam walks in and wonders if he will have time for her. Would he consider her if she applied? She is hanging up her PI license. Her partner and husband are best friends and her marriage has fallen apart and it is awkward. She needs to start over. Hasn’t he ever had to start over? His whole life he has wanted that but has not been able to. If she works for him she will live to regret it. She begs for a chance and he agrees. He gives her a list of people to let through and not let through. She tells him he won’t regret it.


Ewen walks in on Patrick as he is swallowing the pills in a hospital room. He is there for his checkup. All of his tests came back normal. What he really wants to know is what the deal is with her and Jason. He was at Liz’s place sharing a close moment when he showed up. It is probably nothing but Patrick wouldn’t bet on it. Where Jason is concerned, that is a serious mistake. He is a paid killer and sucks in women who need fixing and healing. The very women he hurts are the first ones to line up and defend him. Ewen wants Patrick to come talk to him. Grief has a way of doubling back and taking us by surprise. Patrick refuses and tells him to take care of Jason.


Liz and Jason run into each other at the hospital. Patrick has cleared him for six months. He hopes she had a good night with Ewen and she thinks it was fine. Her brother doesn’t though. Steve thinks she is still stuck on Jason. She knows she can be his friend and date Ewen at the same time. She has finally let go of Lucky and accepted that no matter how much she loved him they can’t be together. She has learned from it and has to move on. Jason thinks that is what he has to do. Liz discourages him but he is adamant. He tells her how Sam thought the baby had been switched. If she was right that baby would still be out there and he would find him and put their family back together again. He gets a call – he has to go to New Orleans immediately. They hug while Ewen watches.


At Patrick’s, Maxie finds pills in his robe. She gets dressed and the bell rings. Lulu is shocked she moved in with Patrick. Maxie tells Lulu about her fight with Spin. Lulu is not sure it is a good idea Maxie stays there. Maxie is worried about Patrick. She shows Lulu the pills. Lulu is doubtful that Patrick is using. Maybe they are antidepressants. Maxie does not want to make the same mistake with Patrick she did with Lucky. Lulu gets a call and has to go to work. But if she thinks Patrick has a problem she has to confront him. Patrick comes in and she drops one of the pills. She wants to talk to him about something.


Heather goes to the shack to meet up with Luke. Spinelli is outside, looking for her and recording his notes. Heather comes up behind him and hears him talking about her. She listens to the recording and is livid. She knows he is in cahoots with Olivia. She smashes his recorder and tells him to stop it or he is finished.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate is overcome with guilt.

Maxie worries about Patrick.

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