Sorry Slim.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Heather starts her job, Kate confesses, and Patrick pops some pills.

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At home, Patrick yells for Maxie to take off his robe. She takes it off. Robin gave it to him for Christmas and used to steal it. She understands but maybe living there was not a good idea. Emma comes out for breakfast. Maxie offers to cook while Patrick and Emma search for a fire extinguisher. Later, they settle for oatmeal and Emma wants Maxie’s help getting dressed. Patrick puts on the robe and pulls out a bottle of pills. He pops one, then another before Emma and Maxie come back out. Patrick wants Maxie to stay as long as she wants. She agrees. Later, after her shower she needs to get her clothes from her car. She puts on Patrick’s robe and finds the pills.


At the hospital, Heather is ready for her first day at work. Steve is shocked she was able to get a job so easily. She runs off so she is not late as "Slim" leaves another message on Luke’s phone that she won't answer. Steve and Liz talk about Ewen. She tells him about their dinner date the night before but she can’t stop thinking about Jason and what he is going through. Steve is doubtful that friendship is all that is between them. Ewen walks in and invites Liz over for dinner. She won’t be able to find a sitter so agrees to a rain check. Steve offers to watch the kids, but she does not want them around Heather. He does not think it is just childcare issues, but she tells him it has nothing to do with Jason. She turns around and Jason is there.


Cheryl Burns from the paper shows up at Todd’s office at the paper to assist him. He barks orders at her and wants a list of the staff. He wants her help deciding who to fire. He starts with Diane Miller, the gossip columnist. Cheryl asserts she is excellent and Todd agrees. Heather overhears, and decides that is the job she wants. So Todd fires Diane and Cheryl is shocked – if he is not careful he is going to start his tenure with a lawsuit. Todd fires Cheryl too so Miller can’t claim she was singled out. Heather applauds his decision. He warns her again about Anthony’s body and she lets him know she did all that to protect someone who not only was innocent, has been seeing another woman. She wants to bring him some lunch and Todd is upset. She just got there.


Spin arrives at the office with coffee drinks. Sam has so many questions and wants Spin to help her find out why Todd had an article about the tragedy in his room. They conclude Todd hired her and Sam is sure Heather is blackmailing him. It is the only thing that makes sense. Heather blackmailed Sam for her silence, so it makes them wonder what secrets she has on Todd. Diane Miller calls. Todd has fired her and hired a former mental patient. Spin is now convinced about Sam’s blackmail theory.


Jason meets Sonny at his office. Sonny needs his help. He tells Jason about Joe Jr. raping Kate and killing McBain’s sister. Sonny took the fall as a favor to the family. He tried to tell McBain, but he has no proof. Joe vanished after the girl died. Sonny wants Jason to find Joe Jr. and bring him to Port Charles. He is going to take care of that bastard the way Jason took care of Franco. That animal has to pay. Jason agrees to make some calls, and Sonny gives him a lead. Sonny and Kate have managed to work their way back together and he thinks Jason and Sam can too.


Sonny arrives at Kate’s room and he reads her note. She is turning herself in


At the station, Anna leaves a message for Luke as Dante listens in. After, Dante wants to talk with her about Anthony’s tires. He is not sure of the reliability if the info since it came from Johnny. Kate is led in by the cops and Dr. Keenan. She wants to take responsibility for what she has done. Dante takes her into the interrogation room and wants her to be sure. She confesses before Sonny storms in. Anna thinks Kate is courageous for coming forward. They take Kate off to get processed. Anna checks her phone then tosses it on the table.


Jason has a check-up with Patrick and thanks him for saving him. Patrick wants him to tell Sam he is sorry for her loss and eventually, it gets a little bit better. Jason leaves and he pops two more pills as Ewen walks in.


Outside Todd’s office, Sam and Spin listen to Heather and Todd argue about her leaving for lunch.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spinelli loses track of Heather.

Patrick battles his demons.

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