Just You, Me, And A BLT.

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Anna tells Tracy the truth, Kate asks Johnny some questions, and Dante encourages Sonny to get his lawyer ready.

Just You, Me, And A BLT. image

Johnny picks up the book he was reading Josslyn at Carly’s place and imagines shooting Anthony again. Carly comes in after putting her to bed and they make out on the couch until the doorbell rings. It is Michael and Johnny insists Michael stay while he leaves. They kiss goodbye and Michael looks uncomfortable. She wants him to respect their choice to stay together. It is easier since he knows Johnny did not shoot out the tires. Kate did, and he knows Carly already knew. They chat a bit about how hard Johnny is trying. He warns her to be careful. If he hurts her, he will have to answer to Michael.


Kate has a nightmare in her room and Sonny consoles her. Dante calls and tells him to come down to the station. Sonny leaves and asks the nurse to have Kate call him when she wakes up. As soon as they walk off, she wakes up thinking about Johnny. She calls Johnny and asks him to come see her at Shadybrook. She wants to talk about the night Anthony’s tires were shot. She does not remember it, which is weird considering she remembers almost everything else. In her dream, Johnny is in prison for the shooting. She does not want to see him railroaded like Sonny. He is innocent and she does not want him to take the fall. Sonny does not want her to go to the police and he tells her Sonny is right. She remembers how many times he turned Connie down. He is a man of honor. As he is leaving she tells him she remembers more about the night and will let him know.


At the station, Dante hangs up with Sonny and Lulu comes in with food. She saw Heather Webber at the casino looking for Luke. He was probably off breaking up with Tracy. Luke has to be honest with her, then turn around and tell Anna that Anthony is dead. Dante is going to tell Sonny what he knows about Kate shooting the tires. Dante wants to know if it was really Kate. Sonny knows Kate does not have the skills to do it. Dante read these patients sometimes have skills they never knew they possessed. Dante wants to know what happened in the interrogation room that prompted her breakdown. Sonny wonders what would happen to Kate, if that were the case. Dante says there are no guarantees. Sonny begs Dante to leave Kate alone, but he has to report to Anna what he knows. Dante tells him to take the night to make arrangements and in the morning he will report it.


At Metro Court, Tracy tells Anna she is wasting her time. Her pathetic attempt at seduction is embarrassing. Anna insists Tracy go home and wait for Luke. Besides, isn’t she married? She tells Anna not to sulk, but Anna tells her she knew all about Tracy’s dinner with Luke. She is already involved with him. Tracy finally understands. Plus, as far as Anna is concerned, he had no idea this was anything more than a friendship, and still might not be. Tracy is upset and tells her the evening is not going to end the way she and Luke planned it. She leaves and Anna fights back tears. She leaves Luke another message.


In the shack from the night of the storm Anthony is passed out in a wheelbarrow while Heather stands over him. Later, Luke wakes up tied to a chair and she welcomes him to his new home. He is not a hostage, but her guest. She calls him an ungrateful little cutie pants and sets the table for dinner. He is going to have to miss his dinner plans to dine with her instead - and she can’t wait for dessert. She pulls out some BLTS, but he isn’t hungry. Heather straddles him and wants to get right to dessert, and it is going to be hot. At Ferncliff it was all she dreamed of. Once he makes love to her, he will never be able to think of another woman. He wants to show her how much he wants her. She starts to untie him when his phone rings. It's a message from Anna.


Lulu shows up at the Quartermaine estate and finds out Luke stood Tracy up. She leaves Luke a message. Tracy shows up and tells Lulu about her run in with Anna. She now knows it is true because of Lulu’s reaction. Luke swore to Lulu he was going to do the right thing. Tracy pours herself a glass of wine and declines Lulu’s offer to stay. At least she is not the only one getting stood up tonight. She blows out the candle and calls him a bastard.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna hopes for a call from Luke but is disappointed.

Maxie makes herself too comfortable at the Drake house.

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