With A Little Side Of More.

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Anna and Luke think they should just be friends, Kate realizes what Connie did, and Dante threatens to take down Johnny.

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At Sonny's, McBain is leaving as Kristina and the film crew arrive. Sonny tells them he doesn't want any part of the show. As they film, Trey introduces himself. Kristina accuses Sonny of getting her into school with his blood money. Sonny pulls Trey into the living room. He tells him if he pushes he's going to end up on the floor in pieces. He wants the show over. He tells him to get his film crew and get out. Trey thinks Kristina won't speak to Sonny if they shut it down. Sonny wonders if he's threatening him. Sonny won't stand by and let him exploit her. Trey brings up his mobster tactics. Sonny threatens that he might want to remember that he takes action. Kristina keeps pounding on the door so Sonny lets her and the crew in. Sonny switches into nice guy mode and offers them all cookies. For the show, Trey asks how Kristina got into Yale. Sonny admits he gave them a sizeable donation. He would do anything for his children but did nothing illegal. They ask about McBain and Sonny discloses why McBain was there. Trey keeps pushing by asking about Kate. "That’s enough", Sonny says. Trey leaves and makes a mysterious phone call.


Anna and Luke are kissing at their home. It becomes awkward. Anna panics and excuses herself to work. Luke appears surprised. Later, alone, Anna answers the door to find John. He's there to say goodbye. They talk about Theresa's death and Anna wonders if Sonny was telling the truth - that he didn't do it. Is it possible that after all these years McBain was chasing the wrong man? Anna confesses to kissing Luke. McBain teases her. She felt like it was more than a kiss. It’s absurd. She shares that he also kissed Tracy. McBain wonders what Anna wants. She points out the cons of getting involved with him.


At the loft Lulu answers a call from Johnny, he's at the Haunted Star. He needs to know where a key is. Lulu tells him Dante wasn't thrilled to hear about their partnership but she thinks they'll make a good team. Luke shows to chat with Lulu. He has a hard time talking with out a glass of booze. She tells her dad about her partnership with Johnny. She was just following her instincts she tells him. Luke mentions the kiss with Anna. Lulu thought they were just friends, with a little side of more. They talk about the relationship, how Luke and Anna helped each other. Luke says the kiss was mutual. They talk about the kiss with Tracy prompting Lulu to ask who he wants to be with. They talk about Anna and he admits he’s kept some important things from her.


Johnny hangs up as Dante shows up at the Haunted Star to ask him what's going on with his partnership with Lulu. Johnny admits he's made mistakes but the business is legit. Dante thinks he should have been part of the decision. Dante accuses Johnny of having something to do with Anthony's death. Johnny accuses Kate of causing Cole’s accident, They go back and forth with insults and accusations. Dante thinks about how well things are working out for Johnny with Anthony dead - how he can start over. Dante is watching him and threatens to take him down if he messes up.


At the hospital Ewen presses Connie/Kate for more information about her rape and the baby. She felt dirty and couldn't tell Sonny. He asks her what happened to her baby. He wants to help but she wonders if he'll help like the others did. By telling her she'd go to hell if she terminated the pregnancy. She reiterates that Sonny would end up dead if he found out and retaliated. She begs God for forgiveness. She remembers how she just wanted it to go away so she left for a boarding house until her son was born. Then she got rid of him. She was filled with anger and left him in a dresser drawer. She was never going back, it was like the baby never existed. Ewen realizes that was when Connie ceased to exist. Kate is filled with guilt from what Connie did. Her son never even had a chance.


As McBain leaves, Luke comes home. He and Anna agree to be just friends - then throw themselves into a passionate kiss.

Dante returns home to Lulu. He admits he went to see Johnny. He doesn’t like it but respects her decision to work with him. He’s sorry he walked out earlier. They kiss.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Heather is determined to get a job.

Luke and Anna have a surprise.

Jason gets support from Monica.

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