It's Not Sonny's Baby.

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Kate explains why Connie emerged, Sonny reveals the cause of McBain's sister's death, and Johnny is haunted by Anthony...

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At Sonny's, McBain warns he'll see Sonny pay for what he did to his sister. Sonny knows what it's like to lose someone you love. He'll tell McBain how Theresa died. Sonny talks about his high school days and how he and Kate were going to leave Brooklyn and start a new life together. Kate never showed up to meet him. When Sonny was offered a job to advance in Joe Scully's business, he took it. John demands Sonny fast-forward to the part where he killed his sister. Sonny talks about Joe's son, Joe Jr., running a strip club. When it was tanking, Sonny was sent in to run the club. Theresa worked there. John remembers Theresa being scared. Sonny confirms she was in way over her head. John vowed to protect her when Theresa told him she couldn't leave the club - if she did, her boss would kill her. "I didn't kill your sister," Sonny confesses. "I was trying to help her." John tears up as Sonny remembers Joe Jr. shooting Theresa right in front of him. "That's what happened, McBain," Sonny snaps. "I swear on my children's lives." When John arrested Sonny, Scully didn't want his son involved and got the judge to dismiss Sonny's case. John blames Sonny for letting them get away with Theresa's death. Sonny's business has different rules than McBain's. John demands to know where Joe Jr. is. Sonny only directs him toward New Orleans and apologizes for what happened to Theresa.


In her hospital room, a 17 year old Connie cries, thinking her pregnancy test is positive. She begs Ewen not to tell her boyfriend Sonny! He asks why she's so afraid. Connie talks about how she and Sonny were going to leave town and start a new life. The pregnancy changed everything. She left Sonny waiting for her. Connie takes the blame for pushing Sonny into his lifestyle. Ewen doesn't understand why she didn't tell Sonny about the baby. "It's not Sonny's baby," Connie cries. "How could I tell him that?" Connie remembers Joe Jr. looking for Sonny and finding her alone. She relives him raping her and tells Ewen she was a virgin. She and Sonny's first time was supposed to be beautiful. Ewen comforts her. Connie knows Sonny would've killed Joe Jr., and Joe Jr.'s father would've killed Sonny, had she said anything. "I let the love of my life walk away!" Connie screams. "What happened to the baby?" Ewen asks.


Dante arrives home and finds Lulu sweating and without AC. He's not happy to hear Lulu is partnering with Johnny. Lulu insists Johnny wants to turn the Haunted Star into a night club - nothing illegal. As Dante rants about Lulu working with a mobster, she accuses him of being jealous and admits to wanting something more than her day job. Dante can't believe Lulu anticipates being able to quit the PCPD someday. When will they find time to be together? Dante walks out on Lulu.


At the Haunted Star, Johnny admits to Carly that he and Lulu are partners. Lulu would only sell him half the business. Carly isn't pleased but won't ask Johnny to give up his dream. "I'm choosing to trust you," she states. As Johnny thanks Carly for taking him back, after everything he's done, Anthony's voice reminds Johnny Carly doesn't know everything. Carly steps out for a moment. Johnny screams for Anthony's voice to stop, as Anthony warns things are going to come unraveled around him. Carly hears Johnny scream. Johnny admits he can't get Anthony's voice out of his head. Carly reminds Johnny that Anthony doesn't have any power over him.


Anna joins Luke in their room and agrees to a cocktail. She admits she ran into the mayor, who accused her of setting Luke loose because they are lovers. Anna denied it but knows the mayor didn't believe her. Luke brings up Tracy kissing him. Anna thought Tracy hated him? Luke admits Tracy does, but she still wants him back. He refused her, not wanting to give the DA motive. If Anthony wasn't missing, would Luke want Tracy back? Luke deters Anna's questions with dinner and a massage. Anna melts under his touch, commenting that whatever Luke decides to do about Tracy, Tracy could do worse. Anna and Luke kiss!


At the mansion, Tracy shares a drink with the maid. She admits to kissing Luke and telling him she wanted him back. The maid wants to prepare for Luke's return, but Tracy says he won't be back. They need to be discreet, for now. Tracy agrees with the maid, as she gushes about Luke… It's only a matter of time before she and Luke are back together again.


Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ewen pushes Kate for more information.

Luke and Anna separately seek advice.

Sonny warns Kristina

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