People Can Surprise You.

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Todd is moving to Port Charles, Starr sings for Johnny, and Kate thinks she is pregnant.

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Todd checks back into Metro Court and Carly wonders why he is back. Not only does everyone in Llanview hate him, he wants to be near Starr and protect her from Johnny. Carly gets uncomfortable and Todd realizes they are back together. He wonders how Johnny managed that and she tells him he promised her no more secrets. He thinks she is a fool but she assures him Johnny will not let Starr get hurt. Personally, he thinks she can do better. Johnny calls Carly and she leaves. Starr shows up and tells Todd she saw Kate and can now move on. He is impressed at her compassion and is glad to see her smile. She wonders what he will do in town and he shows her a doctored up newspaper. He has a few ideas.


Outside her hotel room, Sam holds onto the dragon before putting it in her pocket. John comes up and she starts to faint. John catches her and gets her inside. She knows what happened with the beating and he tries to cover for Jason, but she stops him. She will never forgive Jason for that. She wants to thank him for everything but is going to stay with her mom. He tells her that he is leaving too. He fills her in on his history with Sonny and some day he is going to make him pay. She wonders again why he seems so familiar and he tells her maybe they will know someday. He hopes she finds what she is looking for and says goodbye. She grabs him and holds him tight before letting go. She packs up her stuff, but leaves Jason’s dragon behind.


Liz and Jason grab a drink at The Floating Rib. He tells her Sam blames him about the baby but she tells him there was no guarantee he would have survived in the hospital. Plus, there was a time Sam watched her son get kidnapped and watched them search for him but said nothing. Now he will regret what he did like she regrets that. Sam also told Liz they were over and Jason was all hers. He doesn’t want to talk about this right now. He asks her how things are with Ewen and if he does not treat her right, he will answer to Jason. He hugs her and tells her she deserves to be happy. She leaves and he pulls out his phoenix. He places it on the pool table and leaves.


At the casino, Johnny tells Starr he is the co-owner. He is ready for a fresh start and thought she might be too. She is, now that she knows who killed her family. She knows Sonny had nothing to do with it, but doesn’t tell him who. He thinks she could record during the day and work there at night. She is overjoyed. Johnny has been the answer to all of her problems. She sings him a song about Cole and Hope. He applauds and wants her to come back tomorrow to start the album. She leaves and Carly shows up. He tells her he bought it and no longer has the strip club. He just wants to put the past behind them and they hug.


Michael visits Sonny at home and tells him he knows about Kate. Sonny is mad because Todd was not supposed to tell anyone, but Michael thinks he did it to give Starr some peace. Sonny knows how hurt she was and how Michael feels about her. He feels the same about Kate. He thinks he caused Connie to come out. When they were kids they were supposed to run away together but Kate never showed up. The next time he saw her it was years later and Connie was gone. It took him some time to realize how much he loves her and he is going to do what he can to get her help. Michael leaves, and McBain shows up. He wants to talk about his sister.


In her hospital room, Kate worries she is pregnant with Johnny’s baby. Dr. Keenan wants her to calm down until they know for sure what is happening and gets Kate a pregnancy test. She takes it and it is positive. She is pregnant with Johnny’s baby. He looks at it and sees it is a minus sign. Why would she say she is pregnant when she is not? He shows her the negative sign and she looks again and still sees a positive sign. She tells him she is only 17, how can she have a baby? He realizes there is something major going on. She is a young Connie and worried how she is going to tell her boyfriend Sonny that she is pregnant.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny opens up.

Johnny is haunted.

Luke and Anna get close.

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