Something Totally Unexpected.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Lulu and Johnny become partners, Jason tells Carly about the baby, and Tracy gives Luke something to think about.

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Starr is crying by the pier when Michael shows up while on a jog. He tries to give her his T-shirt to dry her eyes, and she tells him how seeing Tea’s baby made her miss her own baby, even though she is still happy for Tea. She looks at a picture of Tea’s baby and starts to cry. Michael thinks someday she will smile when she thinks of Hope. She tells him he was right about Sonny protecting someone – Kate. He finds that hard to believe until she tells him about her DID. She owes Michael and Sonny a big apology and he forgives her. Maybe they will see each other around. He jogs off and her phone rings.


At the Haunted Star, Lulu is on the phone with Luke, talking about Anthony’s disappearance. She is bummed she can’t tell Dante about what she knows, but Luke implores her to keep quiet. She is waiting for a potential buyer for the casino and Luke wishes her luck. She is surprised when Johnny walks in. He tells her he overheard Luke and Tracy talking about whacking Anthony, but she knows for a fact they did not do it. He wants to know what she knows, but she tells Johnny she doesn’t know what has happened to Anthony, and neither does Luke. He is really there because he is the potential buyer. He is out of the strip club business and wants to do a legitimate club. She agrees to partner, pending everything is above board. They shake on it. She leaves and he calls Starr over. This is where she will be singing and he is naming it Starr.


Luke hangs up the phone with Lulu when Tracy walks into The Floating Rib. Luke is concerned about what Anna thinks – and that Johnny thinks they are guilty. Someone is trying to set them up, and this is just the beginning. She tells him to cheer up – Anthony is gone and they should celebrate with a rack of floating ribs. They dig in and she can’t wait to live her life again. She wipes some sauce off Luke’s face, then plants a kiss on him. She wonders why he helped her with Anthony and he tells her there was something in it for him – her happiness. She wants him back, but he tells her they can’t be together while the heat is on. Plus, he is living, rent free, with the police commissioner. She accuses him of putting her off, but he does not want to jump the gun. She kisses him again and this time Lulu walks in and sees. Tracy leaves and he tells Lulu that was totally unexpected.


Dr. Keenan visits Kate at her hospital room. She is so sorry about hitting him and he tells her there is nothing to forgive. He knows she is not responsible, Connie is. He tells her with treatment they will be able to control what causes Connie to manifest. She tells him Connie did something much worse and hands him the newspaper article about Anthony’s car accident. Sonny told her after a conversation he had with Connie. Ewen thinks Connie could be lying. Kate realizes something when he tells her what day it is. She is late – she might be pregnant!


In her hospital room, Sam is looking at the dragon when Liz shows up. She knows losing a child is the worst thing that can happen. Liz thinks she and Jason should talk so she doesn’t have to grieve alone. Sam goes off on Liz and unloads about how she needed Jason’s love from the start, not now when the baby is conveniently dead. God forbid she makes Jason uncomfortable. She has had to tiptoe around his feelings when she was the one who was raped. Liz continues to defend Jason when Sam tells her to go to him, put her arms around him and dry his tears. It is over between them and he is all hers. Liz asks her why she is still holding the dragon then.


Jason is looking at the phoenix at home when Carly shows up. She has not heard from him and was worried. He tells her he and Sam are over and that the baby is dead. He goes over the baby’s delivery and finding the baby. He tells Carly she was right – as soon as he picked up the baby he loved him. Jason cries a little and Carly tells him it is not his fault. But that was when his thugs got to John, so Sam thinks it was. Carly pressures him to go not give up. Sam needs him.


Jason shows up at the hospital but it is too late. Liz tells him Sam checked herself out.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

McBain confronts Sonny.

Starr has a talk with Johnny.

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