A BLT At Kelly’s.

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Sam confronts Jason, Spinelli has a lead on Heather and Ewen is released from the hospital.

A BLT At Kelly’s. image

At home, Kristina lashes out at the "Mob Princess" crew for filming her. The cameraman tells her in reality TV, anything can happen. That is when producer Trey walks in. Kristina does not want to do the show anymore but he won’t let her back out. Her family turmoil makes for good TV, Sam’s tragedy included. He reminds Kristina how much her parents humiliated her. Alexis comes in and tries to throw him out but he has a contract that gives him and the crew the right to stay. If Kristina backs out they will sue her. Alexis tells her to be smart, stop being a brat and think about what it is doing to her family. Kristina tells Trey to let the cameras roll.


In his hospital room, Patrick tells Ewen he is released, then leaves the room to take a call from Matt. Ewen tries to walk around and stumbles. Liz catches him and they kiss. They are interrupted by Steve who is there to check on Ewen. Liz kicks him out and is embarrassed, and Ewen tells her it is presumptuous considering he has been out of commission for while. Maybe she has met someone else? She assures him there is no one else and leaves.


In the PCPD interrogation room, Matt signs the confession. Alexis gives him his cell phone and tells him to get his affairs in order. She will try to get him released, and leaves. Matt calls Patrick who comes right away. Matt tells Patrick he can’t take the guilt, no matter how evil Lisa was. They hug and don’t want to lose each other. Alexis comes in to tell him his fate.


At Metro Court, Olivia is approached by Spinelli. He has a lead on Heather’s whereabouts the night of the storm. Her toll pass was scanned on the interstate, nowhere near Kelly’s. He is going to keep digging and welcomes the distraction. Olivia leaves to tell Steve about Heather.


Felicia and Mac lean in for a kiss at The Floating Rib when Maxie interrupts to tell them Matt has turned himself in. Suddenly, Matt and Patrick walk in. He signed the confession and the DA has given him five years, effective immediately. He just came by to say goodbye. Maxie begs Patrick to get Matt to change his mind. He tells her if she loves him, she will support him. Matt informs her that Alexis is going to handle the annulment and she is shocked. Spinelli walks up and asks what happened as Matt leaves. Felicia heard about the annulment but Maxie assures them there will not be one.


At the hospital, Heather looks over the DNA results and pats herself on the back. Steve walks up and asks what she is holding. She brushes it off as nothing and asks how his day is. He has bad news. Sam lost her baby. She wonders why that is bad news and he is shocked she does not find it sad. She read in the paper the baby is Franco’s, but he assures her Sam loved the bay no matter who the dad was. He has a lunch break coming up and wants her to wait for him. Maybe they can get BLTs. He leaves and she pulls out the results to look at them again. Heather wanders around the hospital, remembering when she made the switch. Steve comes back and she tells him she wishes there was something she could do to make it up to Sam.


In her hospital room, Jason tells Sam it was not fair for him to shut her out, and that is why he came to the motel. She accuses him of lying because she knows he had John beat up. He admits it, but he had to get John out of the way. She informs Jason that their problem was not John, it was his inability to love the baby. Her son is dead and it is Jason’s fault. He apologizes but she does not think he is sorry. Didn’t he think she had doubts? She was the one who was raped. All that mattered to her was that she was finally going to be a mom and he wanted her to give the baby away. Now he got what he wanted. She tells him they can’t go back and what they had was broken. He tells her he is not giving up but she screams for him to leave. He pulls the dragon out of his pocket and places it on her tray before leaving. Heather comes in and hopes Sam can be comforted by the fact her baby is in a better place.


In the hallway Jason tells Liz that Sam lost the baby, and he has lost Sam.

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