Your Civic Duty.

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Anna takes the job, Todd and Téa leave the hospital and Heather holds the real results to the baby’s paternity.

Your Civic Duty. image

Outside her hotel room, Anna is approached by Mac. He wants to know the department is going to be in good hands. She has until 4 PM to take the job.


At The Floating Rib, Felicia is trying to rally support for Mac’s reinstatement, but he tells her the job is already taken. She wonders what he is going to do now. He felt like they almost kissed last night and has fond memories of their time together. They have made mistakes, and hopefully learned from them.


Anna makes the announcement at PCPD. They are going to build a department they can be proud of and there will be no cutting corners. Inside the interrogation room, Tracy wants out. Luke reminds her the situation is not going to get better unless they find the real killer. Anna walks in and tells them she is the new commissioner but can’t let them go. Alexis arrives, and unless they find a body the PCPD has no case. If Anthony shows up dead, they are in big trouble. They are released and as they leave Anna tells Luke he can’t have any special treatment. She asks he not get arrested for the next 24 hours. He lovingly tells her he can do that and will see her at home.


At the hospital John asks Jason how Sam is. He knows she must be devastated and Jason agrees. John explains how happy she was when the baby was born. Jason fill John in on what Sam went through after the birth. Sam kept saying someone had taken her baby and left the other. John wishes he could have gotten her help, and Jason knows if the baby was in a hospital he would still be alive. They both feel guilty. Jason tells John he can handle Sam from here, but then some officers approach. The commissioner instructed them to bring Jason in.


Jason arrives at the station and tells Anna he wants his lawyer. She just wants him to listen. Robin told her about how he supported her after Stone died and that he was the one who gave her the courage to go on the HIV meds. Robin really loved him and Anna is grateful. But she can’t look the other way when a police officer is assaulted. She knows what he did to McBain and has message for him. If he commits crime, she will do everything in her power to prosecute him. He understands. She wants him to tell Sam that her thoughts are with her and leaves.


In Tea’s hospital room, Heather tells Todd they need to talk. She has done her research on him, and will not be dismissed. He wonders why she is threatening him and she tells him it is just a conversation. The nurse comes in to get the Téa’s pamphlets. Todd runs off to get Téa while Heather calls after him.


Sam sees Téa with her baby outside her hospital room. Her baby, a boy too, did not make it and Téa is devastated for her. Sam asks if she can hold the baby, but before she can, Alexis walks up and takes Sam back in her room. Dr. Lee is there with news about the cause of death. There were no signs of the condition that was present before, but now the baby had hemophilia, a condition usually passed down through the mother. Plus, he died of respiratory failure. Sam is convinced that her son is still alive. Dr. Lee did not mean to get her hopes up, but if he was in the hospital he might have had a chance. John knocks on the door and Sam asks Alexis to leave. She wants to know why he did not come back for them. He tells her he ran into some trouble. A nurse comes in with food for Sam and suggests John take care of himself too. He leaves and the nurse tells Sam had been beaten. Jason comes back and she wants to ask him a question. He needs to tell her something first. That night, he was coming to promise to love her son as his father.


Téa gets the pamphlets outside Sam’s room and thinks she won the genetic lottery. Her baby could have had hemophilia like her. As they wait for the elevator, Heather gets off and Tea recognizes her. She thanks her again but Heather is a private person and is concerned about Todd’s paper. Téa insists they will respect her privacy. Todd agrees it never happened and they leave. She pulls out some lab results, but drops them. John walks by and picks them up for her before leaving. She thinks it is almost too easy, getting away with it. She looks at her lab results. The baby’s father is Jason, not Franco.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason has an apology to make.

Kristina tries to shut down production.

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