I Will Rip Your Heart Out.

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Ronnie frames Dante, Anna helps Luke and Maxie sees Felicia.

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Anna embraces Felicia outside the courthouse as Mac stands there stunned. As the women talk about Robin, Mac asks what Felicia is doing there. Felicia responds that she's there to support Maxie. Mac retorts, "Don't you think it's a little late?" He doesn't think Maxie will want to see her, but Felicia thinks Maxie needs her mother whether she wants to admit it or not. She heads for the courtroom, but Mac stops her. Meanwhile, Spinelli tries to convince Maxie to come forward about Matt inside the courtroom. She orders him not to. She knows it was her fault Matt got so drunk that night and besides, Patrick and Emma need him. Not to mention he's a doctor who can save lives. Spinelli argues that he and her family will lose out if she goes away. He tells her he loves her. She says if he means that, then he will take the secret to his grave. She already took Patrick's wife. She can't take his brother too. Through tears, she begs Spinelli to keep quiet. Matt walks in wondering what's going on. As Spinelli wrestles with what to do, Felicia, Mac and Alexis enter the room. Maxie tells her mother to go away. Felicia assures her daughter she's not going anywhere as the bailiff calls the court to session. Alexis tells the judge Maxie is pleading guilty against her wishes. The judge orders Maxie to rise, but Spin interrupts the proceedings.


Luke finds Heather waiting for him in his hotel room. He wants her gone, but Heather rattles on about Steve. Luke is only worried about Lulu and looks for his gun. Heather pulls it out and asks, "Are you looking for this?" Luke tries to talk her down, but Heather won't give him the gun. She says they have to bring Steve home and if Luke won't help her, she will go down there and get him herself. Luke calmly talks sense into her about not going after Steve. He tells her Lulu is missing and he needs to find her, so he needs his gun. She relents and hands it over. Luke tells her to go back to Steve's place and wait for news. Heather assures Luke she's there for him if he needs her. Luke knows she always has been. Even when he doesn’t need her. After Heather leaves, Luke calls Anna for help. Anna meets Luke at the hotel and is briefed on Lulu's suspicions of Ronnie. She's onboard to help, but is concerned when Luke grabs his gun.


Ronnie plays dumb when Dante confronts him about Lulu at the station. Dante accuses Ronnie of setting Eddie up and shutting Lulu up before she could get to him. Ronnie insists he's innocent. Dante grabs him, throws him against the wall and says he's not going anywhere until he tells him where his wife is. A cop walks up and Ronnie tells him Dante is the dirty cop and he has proof…boots and photos in his desk drawer. The cop pulls a gun on Dante and tells him to step back from Ronnie. Dante is handcuffed to a chair and left with Ronnie. Dante freaks out with worry for Lulu. Dante wonders what happened to make Ronnie do this. Ronnie knew Dante would put the pieces together so he needed some insurance. As he walks away, Dante swears he wil rip Ronnie's heart out if he hurts his wife. Luke shows up at the station and finds Dante handcuffed. Dante tells his father-in-law that Ronnie set him up. He tells Luke to find Lulu.

Liz calls for help when she finds Ewen unconscious in his office. Maggie comes running and tends to him. When she can't rouse him, she gathers a team to take him away on a gurney to the ER. As tests are run, Maggie finds a paperweight with blood on it in Ewen's office. Liz wonders who would want to hurt him. As they discuss it, Heather shows up assuming the women are talking about her. Heather tells Liz her brother was arrested and hauled off to Memphis. When Ewen regains consciousness, Liz tells Heather to go home. She'll call her later. Liz talks with Ewen, who implicates Connie.


Connie runs into Kate's office and empties her safe so she can get out of town. Olivia finds her and asks her cousin for help posting Steve's bail and getting him a lawyer. Connie turns her down. She tells Olivia all the money she sees is being used so she can go out of town. Olivia starts to get suspicious based on her cousin's new fashion sense and her insistence that she can't use her credit cards. Olivia demands to know what's going on with her. Connie smirks and then tells Olivia Sonny dumped her after he found her in bed with Johnny. Olivia is floored, but knows this isn't like her.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam and Carly confide in each other.

Sonny tries to reach Ewen.

Maxie gets a big surprise.

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