Nothing About This Is Okay.

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Maxie makes a startling confession, Dante worries about Lulu and Felicia returns.

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As Luke and Anna discuss Maxie's trial in their Metro Court room, Tracy calls Luke to tell him she has Anthony handled. Luke knows this is a bad idea and takes off as Anthony prepares to dine on Tracy's meal at the mansion.

As Anthony is about to take a bite of his food prepared by Tracy at the mansion, Luke rushes in to stop him. Anthony is tired of Luke's jealousy routine and leaves to change. Once he's gone, Luke calls Tracy insane for trying to poison her husband. Tracy calmly and smugly pours herself a drink, as Luke tries to convince her taking a life, even Anthony Zacchara's, is a bad idea.


Dante worries about Lulu to Ronnie at the station. He hasn't seen or heard from her. He texts her, but Ronnie secretly pulls her phone out of his pocket. Ronnie thinks Lulu is at the courthouse for Maxie and suggests he go there. Ronnie will cover for him. Dante runs out saying he owes him one. Ronnie looks at Lulu's phone and says, "Don't worry. I already collected."


Matt stops by Patrick's place and finds his brother still sitting on the couch. He brings up Maxie's arraignment and adds he's teamed up with Spinelli to find the real killer. Matt reluctantly tells Patrick Spinelli thinks he did it, but doesn't remember. Patrick is incredulous. Matt knows Patrick is innocent. Patrick retorts they both know Maxie is too. Matt hopes she figures that out. Patrick offers to go to court to support Matt, but Matt thinks Patrick has enough on his plate. Matt reiterates that he wants to be a bigger part of Patrick's family and hugs him. Patrick tells him to go, knowing he'll be back. Patrick calls Liz to pick Emma up at daycare. He also asks if she can keep her overnight. Liz asks if he's okay. Slumped on the floor, he says he's fine. He lies about having a consult at a hospital other than GH. After he hangs up, Patrick sits on the couch and turns on the TV. He turns it off and then hides his head in the pillows on the couch.


As Ewen lies unconscious in his office, Spinelli tells Liz outside the door he thinks Matt is Lisa's killer. Liz thinks that's ludicrous, but Spinelli lays out his theory. After Spinelli has left, Liz walks into Ewen's office and finds the doctor lying on the floor.


As Alexis heads into the courtroom to prepare for the day, Maxie tries to convince Mac in the hall that her pleading guilty is for the best. Mac doesn't know how that could be. He will always see her as his little girl, even if he isn't her biological father. Maxie tells him what a great job he did raising her, Georgie and Robin. None of this is his fault. She heads inside, as Mac sits on a bench devastated. Anna walks up worried they already sentenced Maxie. Mac tells her they haven't yet, but they are going to. He doesn’t know what he's going to do because she's all he has left. Mac talks about raising Felicia's girls after she left town. He thought nothing could be worse after Georgie, but Robin died and now Maxie is going to prison. Mac doesn't know who he is without his girls. Dante shows up looking for Lulu, but Mac tells him she isn't there.

Inside the courtroom, Alexis reads a glowing letter written to the court on Maxie's behalf. Maxie learns it's from Robin, who wrote it for her reference at Crimson. Lulu found it and gave it her. Alexis relays that Robin believed in her and wanted her to believe in herself. Spinelli arrives and Alexis gives them a moment alone. Spinelli tells Maxie he knows Matt killed Lisa. When Spin wants to present his theory to the court, Maxie sternly says the judge can't know anything about this. She tells Spinelli she knows Matt killed Lisa because she saw him do it.


Matt shows up at the courthouse and Alexis takes him aside to go over his testimony. As Matt wishes whoever killed Lisa would come forward, he has a flashback to being drunk on the boat. Meanwhile, Anna tells Mac Maxie needs her family right now. Felicia shows up and says, "I couldn't agree more."

Dante returns to the station to Ronnie, who cracks jokes about Lulu's disappearance. Dante calls Luke to ask if he's talked to his daughter. Luke tells him Lulu suspects Ronnie in the stripper case. Dante hangs up and confronts Ronnie about Lulu.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ronnie turns the tables.

Olivia solicits Kate's help.

Heather thinks Maggie is talking about her.

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