Hell Hath No Fury Like Carly Jacks Scorned.

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Sonny has more questions about Kate, Jason demands more answers from Sam and both Johnny and Kate are overcome with remorse.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Carly Jacks Scorned. image

Kate runs down the stairs at Johnny's place, cursing Johnny for allowing what Connie wanted to happen. She hopes Johnny rots in hell for what he did to her. She opens the door to leave and Ewan is there. Kate explains to him how Connie took over, and that she woke up in Johnny's apartment. Connie had sex with him to get revenge on Sonny. She argues with Ewan to let her go to Sonny but relents when he warns her that Connie may come back out. He assures her once they get checked in the hospital will deal with Sonny and she goes with him. After they leave Anthony shows up, and Johnny tells him he slept with Sonny's girlfriend. He is starting to regret his actions, not only taking advantage of a mentally unstable woman, but he may have lost Carly forever. Anthony doesn't argue that and Johnny has him leave. He begs for forgiveness on Carly's machine.


Sonny and Carly are making out at his place, and she wants to make love in his bedroom. Sonny stops it, realizing whatever they do is not going to change the fact Johnny played them for fools. He confesses his love for Kate, but that it must have been all a lie. Carly is so upset that Johnny used her and Sonny hopes Kate sees that Johnny used her too. He tells Carly they need to cut both of them out of their lives for good, but then has doubts. Why would she stand up for him in court, or throw that party, if Johnny and Kate had been seeing each other for month? He then wonders who trashed the cake and feels there is another explanation. He knows she loved him and he wants answers. His phone rings and it is Dr. Ewan, but he ignores it.


Kate and Ewan are at his office and he talks to her about the party, which she doesn't remember. She remembers wanting to tell Sonny about being committed, but she could feel Connie pushing her down. She is overwrought that Sonny will never forgive her, that there is no explanation that will erase that image from his mind. She wants to call him but knows he won't take her call. Evan calls instead. As he begins to leave the message, Connie knocks him out and leaves.


Luke answers the door at his place to McBain, who asks to see Anna. Luke tells McBain there is something about him that reminds him of a vampire. Anna agrees that he looks like an old soul. He wonders if that is how he and Sam know each other. He explains that Sam has a feeling they know each other from before and admits there is something in her eyes that is very familiar. Anna wants to hear the whole story of his sister and he hands her the article. She wonders how he is going to build a case and he says he has one or two ideas to get him to confess. He then denies to Anna that there is anything between him and Sam.


Outside Metro Court, Jason tells Sam they are falling apart. She assures him their marriage is strong and that they can get through anything together. She wants to raise their baby with him like they always planned. He hated that she went though it alone, but knows she wasn’t. He pressures her about McBain and she admits met him to get the sample of DNA. He begs to hear that she didn’t share the results with him, but she did. McBain helped her, gave her the courage to call him. He wonders if she saw McBain again, and she admits on the pier when she had the results, which infuriates him.


Tracy Needs Anthony to sign some stock options but he sees they are divorces papers and tells her nice try. He has enough evidence to put her away for a long time. She wonders why she saved him, but gives up and Luke walks in. She warns him not to gloat but on his worse day he was not as bad about Anthony and that she prefers jail to life with him. Suddenly she wonders if someone could bump him off. He asks her if she is asking him to kill her husband. She is only stating he has certain resources at his disposal and that he owes her. He tells Tracy something will occur to her, but she says she is out of options. He leaves and she smirks.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke gets nervous.

Elizabeth discovers Ewan.

Dante has a hunch.

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