Don’t Ever Call Me Crazy.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Jason gets the news, Connie takes over and Olivia asks Sonny for help.

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Michael walks in to his apartment to find Starr packing. He wants her to stay, but everyone she cares about is gone. He asks her to consider the fact that if the jury was right, the real killer of Cole and Hope is out there. Michael thinks her pain is blinding her to other possibilities. He plants the seed that Johnny framed Sonny. He reminds her that Sonny humiliated Johnny the night of the accident. Kate's office was a common area that many people could access, that his dad always gets rid of the gun and would never bring it around anyone he loves. She doesn't believe it and wants to just leave. They say goodbye and she walks away.


Carly and Johnny fight about her accusation at his place. He doesn't think she trusts him. She thinks his reaction at the trial is what made her think he was guilty, not Sonny. He wonders why she is even there if she thinks he did it. Carly states that everyone knows he would do anything to hurt Sonny, but he assures her he did not plant the gun, or cause the accident, especially since he was with her at the time. He wonders how could she think he would drag her into the death of a child? She relents and kisses him. Johnny expresses his love for her and they kiss more.


At Sonny's Kate tries to explain to him about her sessions, but he says she doesn't have to. Olivia interrupts and says it can't wait. She needs his help with Steve and Johnny. Right away Max comes in with information for Sonny, so he leaves to hear it. Olivia approaches Kate and threatens her – Connie - to back off Steve. As they argue, Kate grabs her head. Olivia's taunting seems to bring on Connie, and Kate runs off as Connie taunts her to not reveal her existence to Sonny. Sonny comes back and tells Olivia that by this time tomorrow, Johnny will not be bothering Steve anymore. She backtracks: She does not want him hurt or dead and Sonny assures her no harm will be done to Johnny. He then reveals that Kate makes him very, very happy.


Upstairs at Sonny's, Kate looks in the mirror and sees Connie. She is calling Dr. Keenan to admit her, but Connie taunts her to the point where she has to hang up. Soon, Connie takes over and Kate is now trapped on the inside. Connie will not allow them to be locked up in the nuthouse and she is going to get rid of Sonny. He comes in and wonders who she is talking to, but she says she was just venting and wants to stop going to therapy. She is going to organize a party to celebrate, for tomorrow night. Kate can’t do anything about it. Sonny goes to answer the door and Dr. Keenan calls and Connie lies to him, assuring him she will be at their meeting tomorrow.


Steve stops by Dr. Keenan's office to inform him Heather will meet with him. He made her believe it was a condition of her release. Steve explains that Olivia thinks Heather is manipulating the situation. Dr. Keenan wonders what he thinks, and Steve just wants to know if she is a danger.


Heather looks through papers at the hospital and is interrupted by Maggie, who tells her they are confidential. They begin to fight over the folder and Maggie asks Heather if she is crazy, which really sets her off. Steve and Dr. Keenan break it up and Maggie explains to Steve that it was much more than a misunderstanding as Dr. Keenan and Heather go off for their session. Steve wonders if he should try to have a relationship with Heather, but then his phone rings. It is Johnny who tells him to have what he needs by the end of the day. Olivia walks up and explains that Johnny won’t be a problem much longer.


Heather flirts with Dr. Keenan and he asks her if psychoanalysis is just a game to her. They return to the group and Dr. Keenan says he wants more sessions with her. Meanwhile, Heather threatens Maggie.


Jason meets Sam at home and tells her he saw Heather, that she told him he knew about the complications, but Sam cries, sobbing that there is more. She begins to relive the story of Jason's birth, this time revealing the second baby. He doesn't believe it, but she assures him it is the truth, that she has proof. The baby was sold and the woman who bought him was Betsy Frank. The truth sinks in, why Franco always said they were two sides of the same coin. "I killed my own brother," he whispers. She reminds him that he made their lives a living hell and he got what he deserved. He asks about the baby. She explains that she had another test run and that the baby is Franco's.

There is a knock at Johnny's door. Starr is there.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Anna and McBain have an emotional talk.

Epiphany is there for Patrick.

Steve is in unfamiliar territory.

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