There Is No Telling What She Will Do.

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

A concerned Sonny questions Kate, Sam gets the results and Sonny gets the verdict.

There Is No Telling What She Will Do. image

At Sonny’s, he asks Kate about the incident with Jason. “The person that said those things, it wasn’t me,” she said. He tells her one bad moment is not who she is. His phone interrupts and it is Alexis calling to say the verdict is in. She tells him what she has to say can wait. He says he hasn’t lived a blameless life and people want him to be guilty even if he is not. She tells him he hopes he never forgets her love for her and he tells her he loves her too.

At the police station Delores, Dante and Lulu are talking about the stripper beatings when Johnny comes in. They ask if he recognizes any of the beaten women. He says no. Delores defends Eddie, her husband, who they think did it. She says she was attacked, but not by her husband. Lulu leaves to find a room for them to go to while they press Delores to tell them where Eddie is. Dante takes a call and Johnny pulls Delores to the side. She tells him he better keep his end of the deal. Later, Lulu tells Delores she saw her by the evidence room. Delores tells her she was looking though cold cases to find a pattern. Her sister was killed and the case was never solved, so it is personal. Just then they bring in Eddie in handcuffs. He tells Delores he didn’t do it and that he never saw those pictures before and she believes him. Lulu also expresses doubt about his guilt. Dante comes back and shares the verdict and that he is relieved. He feels there is a piece missing, some part no one has seen yet.


At Michael’s place, he tells Starr Sonny thinks she got close to him to influence his testimony. She says he has every right to be angry, but that wasn’t what happened. He wants to know if she was just using him or felt she was doing him a favor by exposing her dad. Carly comes in to make sure he knew she was not lying on the stand and that she was with Johnny all night that night. She enters and sees Starr. She asks why she is there, but Michael is not sure. Carly want the verdict to ruin their bond. They each get a call – the verdict is in.


Alexis answers her phone, giving Heather a chance to talk to Jason. She tells him that there is something he needs to know about Sam. Steven tells Jason Sam came to see Heather but he doesn’t know anything. Jason says Sam told him Heather was in the room when he was born. She tells him on the day of his birth there were complications. Alexis interrupts to say the jury is in. Steve and Heather go into the restaurant where she tells him how Susan passed out after Jason’s birth. Steven presses for more but she doesn’t tell him the truth.


At the courthouse, everyone gathers. Dante and Johnny have words. Carly comes in and sits with Johnny. Michael and Starr come in together and Michael sits with her. The judge and jury enter. The verdict is in. He is found not guilty on all charges and free to go. Jason congratulates him. Starr charges at him, screaming he is guilty, then runs off swearing she will make him pay. Sonny tells Carly Johnny set him up and gives her grief for being with him. He tells Johnny he is going to come after him. Jason holds Johnny back from going after him. Carly wonders why Johnny is letting Sonny get to him. Carly asks him straight out if he planted the gun to frame Sonny.


Sam runs into McBain at the pier with the paternity results. He asks if she is going to open them and she says she has been Franco or Jason. If it is Franco’s baby, it will change everything. If she throws it away, could she live with not knowing. Maybe, but John tells her secrets have a way of coming out. "Like you and Natalie, right?" she asks. Jason was so happy about the sonogram. "Our baby," he kept saying. She wonders if he thinks she is making a huge mistake and he says he is a fan of telling the truth. She tells him about Heather and he tells her the simple solution is to tell Jason everything. She asks him to stay with her while she opens the result. It is Franco’s baby. She cries while McBain holds her. Jason calls to tell her the verdict and she tells him she has to tell him something at home.


Back at Sonny’s Kate and him decide to celebrate but he is worried about her. He wants to know what she was going to tell him.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Jason learns the truth.

Carly lays into Sonny.

Michael works Starr.

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