Sonny's Trial Begins.

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Sonny's family and enemies take the stand, Kelly helps Sam, and Olivia asks Ewen for a favor.

Sonny's Trial Begins. image

Jason finds Sam at the hospital and asks who the guy was Liz saw her with and if she already had her checkup. Dr. Lee walks up and covers for Sam when Jason brings up her appointment. She says she can see them now. In the exam room, Kelly tells Jason she needs to see Sam alone. Jason leaves and Sam gives Kelly Franco's DNA to test against her baby. Kelly agrees to put a rush on the test and will give her the results in 24 hours. Jason returns for Sam's sonogram. Kelly asks if they want to know the sex of the baby. Sam lets Jason decide. He wants it to be a surprise. Jason leaves for Sonny's trial and Sam worries how devastated Jason will be if Franco is her baby's father.


Olivia runs into Ewen's office for help institutionalizing a crazy relative. Ewen hides Kate's commitment papers, assuming Olivia is talking about her cousin. Before he can let the cat out of the bag, Olivia relays that she needs help with Heather and lays out Steve's mama's history. She feels a second opinion on Heather's mental state is warranted. Ewen would be happy to oblige, but he would need Steve and Heather's consent.


Heather happily enters Kelly's with Steve and decides to have a BLT in Jeff's honor. Luke looks horrified when he and Anna walk in and see Heather. She catches them as Luke tries to quickly usher out Anna. Heather tells the object of her obsession they have unfinished business. She apologizes for how she acted at the Metro Court. She wants to make it up to them by buying them lunch. Luke and Anna try to make excuses to leave, but Heather won't take no for an answer. They reluctantly take a seat and discuss the history of Kelly's and Ruby. Steve steps away to take a call from Olivia, as Heather "accidentally" spills something on Anna. On the phone, Olivia tries to convince Steve to have his mother re-evaluated, but Steve defends Heather. He looks inside Kelly's and sees Heather trying to clean up Anna, who heads to the bathroom. Once alone, Heather assures Luke she just wants to put the past behind her and focus on the future. After watching his mother, Steve starts to agree with Olivia. Heather tells Luke she wants to start over as friends, as Steve returns. He asks his mother to come to the hospital with her and leads her away.

Steve leaves Heather in the hospital lobby as he talks with Ewen and Olivia. Heather finds Sam and says, "Remember me?"


Sonny walks up to Michael and Starr at the courthouse. Starr is hostile towards Sonny, as Alexis tells Sonny they need to be inside. Sonny walks away, but looks less than thrilled that Michael hangs back. Michael assures Starr, that despite them being on opposite sides, he wants her to have justice. They enter the courtroom, as Sonny keeps an eye on his son. Carly and Johnny show up together as the trial begins. The D.A. and Alexis give their opening arguments and Dante, Johnny, Carly and Tracy take the stand. They all give fairly damning testimony, but Alexis asks if they saw Sonny shoot out Anthony's tires. No they did not. Starr is next on the witness stand and recalls the night of the car crash. Alexis asks if Starr saw Sonny shoot out Anthony's tires. Starr gets upset and says no, but it doesn't mean he didn’t do it. Alexis reminds her it doesn't mean that he did. Michael is called next and gives his account of the events. The D.A. asks if he believes Sonny was pursuing Anthony that night. Michael says yes. When a shaky Kate takes the stand, she says, "My name is Connie Falconeri."

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Alexis makes an important motion.

Carly and Johnny bond with Josslyn.

Maxie is ready to tell Matt the truth.

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