Note To Self.

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Kate wakes up to a surprise, John and Sonny face off, and Michael comforts Starr.

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Jason listens to Spinelli's message about Kate at the penthouse and calls him back. He leaves a message for Spin to contact him immediately, as Sam talks on the phone to John, who offers to bring Franco's DNA sample to her. First, he has a meeting though. Sam tells Jason she has an appointment regarding the baby and Jason insists on going with her. Spinelli interrupts them, giving Sam the perfect excuse to leave by herself. Spinelli tells Jason Ewen has papers to commit Kate against her will. Jason asks Spinelli to hack into Kate's files. Spin relays he is blocked from doing such things, but an FOS can help.

McBain stops by the Corinthos house and orders Max to get his boss.


Kate wakes up in bed alone and finds a note. She smiles, thinking it's from Sonny, but looks terrified when she reads the letter from Connie, who thanks her for letting her come out to play. Sonny returns to the room and points out Kate seems a little off. She tells him to worry about himself and the trial today, not her. He responds that her problems are his problems and asks if something is wrong. Max interrupts them to tell Sonny John McBain is waiting for him downstairs. Sonny tells Kate they'll pick this up later.

Sonny and Max enter the main room, where McBain is waiting with Milo. Sonny and McBain do some posturing and exchange threats. John warns Sonny will finally pay for his sister and for Starr's baby and boyfriend. Max and Milo manhandle McBain and throw him out.


Liz visits Ewen in his office and they discuss Kate and their date. Liz hopes they can do it again sometime. Ewen shares how Matt and Spinelli accused him of killing Lisa. She fears it's her fault since she told the boys he was the one who saved her on Spoon Island. Liz tells him he owes her dessert because their date was cut short and leaves. A freaked out Kate calls Ewen, who urges her to get help. She insists she will go to Sonny's trial. Kate suddenly realizes a headache has preceded her blackouts and declares no one will keep her from Sonny's trial. Not even him. After they hang up, Ewen prepares his case for institutionalizing Kate.


Sam meets John at the hospital. After John gets off the phone with Natalie he gives Sam a vial with Franco's DNA. Sam thanks him and says it still feels weird being with him. He says they are put where they are meant to be. Liz walks up and gets a puzzled look upon seeing them together, just as Jason walks off the elevator. Jason says Sam has a check up for the baby. Liz tells him Sam isn't with Dr. Lee, but with some guy.


At his place, Michael overhears Starr ranting about Anthony not testifying at Sonny's trial. They discuss the situation and state their opinions on the case once again. She tells him she saw Anthony last night. She adds that Anthony saw Sonny shoot out his tires. Michael assumes Anthony is lying. Starr breaks down thinking about Hope and Cole. Michael holds her as she cries. Starr thanks him and leaves the room to get ready for Sonny's trial.

Kate, who is getting a headache, and Sonny enter the courthouse. Sonny sees Michael comforting Starr.

Steve walks off the hospital elevator and sees Maggie. She feels like he's been ignoring her since he told Olivia about Memphis. He says this isn't about Olivia, but his mother. Steve catches Maggie up on Heather's past, leaving Maggie speechless. Steve explains his mother has a history of mental illness. He wonders what his excuse is for his shady deeds. Steve gets a call from Olivia who is with Heather. He leaves to take care of his mother.

Tomorrow's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kate takes the stand at Sonny's trial.

Both Jason and Heather surprise Sam.

Olivia turns to Ewen for help.

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